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I wonder how many people will disown me if I write a novella in which Jesus is the naturally-occurring offspring of an angel who God elevates in heavenly society because he just liked the kid.
I. Have had wine. 🍷
Tomorrow, I've been at WdC for two months.

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Congrats *BigSmile*

Happy 2 months!
We are a kind of an addictive group, lol!

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I'm flying out tomorrow to spend a week with my mom in Minnesota.

I have not packed anything.

I have to have everything packed before work tomorrow.
Over the course of the last four years, I've been writing a love story. I've written it in keeping with things that make my heart sing, things that make me cry over romantic stories. I go back and reread what I have every six months or so and feel the same way about it every time I do.

I'm terrified to share it because I'm afraid no one else will feel the same way.
I will always lament my lack of practice with art. I always have characters, creature concepts, scenes, or locations I wish I could draw. The best I can manage is blueprints for buildings and approximate maps. :(
Same here. I can't draw people at all. I rely on Hero Machine to create rough images of what characters might look like for my D&D players. It works ok, but it's never quite right.
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So, in the process of writing "Dex Lockard - The Quiet One and "Alley - Because of You, I'm realizing that their stories have completely different rhythms. I mean, it makes sense. Alley's running from her past and learning what she wants in her life. Dex already knows what his life looks like and where its borders are and he's working within those borders to restore order.

But Alley's story goes from her arrival to her meeting Dex and getting interested to accepting that David's interested in her to conflicting with David over her attraction to Dex and the latter half of the story details the billiards game that locks up their relationship. Her story is about falling for Dex.

Dex starts with the end of his marriage and the temporary acquisition of his brother's kids. He meets Alley, realizes he's interested but his interest in her is a footnote to the larger issue of a monster hunt that involves old friends. He goes back, packs up the kids and starts planning the hunt with Hamish while taking a break somewhere in the middle to play pool with Alley. Her drama spills all over him and he ends up with her in his arms, which he certainly doesn't mind. But his story isn't done there. He has an entirely different building action and climax still ahead of him.

As complex a character as Alley is, I feel like she's being short-changed in this early story because her story is all about Dex while Dex's story includes her but isn't about her. There are later stories with them which develop their relationship and show Alley as more the individual she is, but this first one just... doesn't. I'm not sure what to do about it without having to change massive parts of both stories, though.
If something bothers you...
...do something about it.

Don't just complain.

</work related rant>
Mindless clutter can paralyze your progress in life, if you can't change it, then let it go and move on with peace in your heart.
Buy yourself a bunch of flowers, sit in your favorite spot and drink a fresh coffee. To thine own self be true.
My fish in a bowl
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Revised one and updated another through chapter three. Yay me. I'm crazy.

Alley - Because of You  (18+)
A widow on the run meets the charismatic and puzzling Dex Lockard.
#2194352 by Linn Browning

Dex Lockard - The Quiet One  (18+)
Dex Lockard meets an enigmatic widow while helping some friends out on a hunt.
#2195365 by Linn Browning
Why do I do these things to myself? In the process of revising "Alley - Because of You, I've picked up writing Dex's side of the story again. Which means I'm basically writing TWO novels at once.

I've revised and updated the first two chapters of "Alley - Because of You to correct timeline issues, name changes, and character placements. I'm going to be revising these stories for the rest of my life.

I actually don't think I mind.
Every story has more than one angle. Each character's perspective of the events is unique, separate and not all of them are even accurate. Most of them aren't: eyewitness testimony is incredibly unreliable.

As a writer, I find myself writing each character's story as a narrative. It means sometimes the stories overlap, covering the same events but they don't always match what the other characters have seen or described. This is frustrating because it makes some of these stories sound inconsistent. It's internally consistent, though. The characters see what they see, even if what they see isn't what actually happened.

In particular, this is a problem with "Alley - Because of You and other stories in the Lockard Dilemma. Alley sees one thing. Dex sees something else. The kids have stories. The bar patrons have stories. Everyone was there for the same events but all of their versions of the story are different.

What do I do? I write it all. *Bookopen*
I am the queen of last-minute entries.

This is written for "Charity's 10 Year Anniversary Contest. I have two days to revise. XD Anybody want to give me a hand?

Clockwork Castles  (18+)
Gawain and Oriana confront the magic that lives in their home.
#2195195 by Linn Browning