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What do you do when you are having troubles in life but still want to write.
Put away the pen and deal with life first.
Man, just when I was ready to come back to writing . . . life kicked again. ended up in hospital with a possible ulcer . . . Tafe is getting more difficult(well what did I think would happen in IT) and i have nothing for my son's 17th birthday but a hug.
Come on life(she yells at the sky)
what have i ever done to receive this kind of kick in the head.
Sorry to say i haven't added to my portfolio in a few days and looks like it will take a little longer . I'm running out of internet credit and payday is a way off.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Invalid Item  []
I have added the beginnings of a new story 'The Lonely Queen' I would like some help with finding all those errors that sneak past (I swear they hide until I post it than jump up and shout.)
Hello, I've added the beginnings of a new story 'The Lonely Queen I hope people will read it and give honest reviews. Trust me, I like to know the errors I've made and will do my best to correct them when I get the time.
Queen Petra is a young woman who has lived in a dead land for generations (Explained in story) only to stand on the cliff which separates her land from the one below. She look forwards to being with her people once again . . . but thing don't go as planned.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 The Damned (Chapter 5)  [E]
Kelly shows her true strength without realizing it. One of the shades keeps talking her.

I am a newbie and have started to write a fantasy story 'The Damned' and a poem 'Then life turns on you'
There are 3 chapters of the story and am working on another 2.
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