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hey yall! I was organizing my portfolio and stumbled across this story. I updated it by 4 chapters, I hope you guys enjoy it! ~Amelia
CHARLES, a secondary P.O.V. for JANET  (ASR)
A secondary Pov for my other OC story, JANET (I'm not done writing it yet!)
Hey ya'll! I went through all the reviews for this piece, and I've made some revisions. Originally, it was copy+pasted from my friend's google doc she had for this story. Now, it should be easier to read and should flow better. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ~Amelia
The Journey of A Hero: Part 1  (ASR)
A story of a friend's OC's. Not my story, just sharing it. Hope yall enjoy it!
Hey, ya'll! I just got finished editing my latest OC story.
Riptide's Revenge  (E)
Riptide, a villain, has to team up with a blinded hero in order to kill Short Circuit.
Hey Ya'll! You may of seen this on The Shameless Plug page, and I'm needing feedback. seeing as this is for a school assignment, I need to know which version of the poem. Version 1 is the original, version 2 is the revised edition. This poem is due Friday, Feb 12. Please review the piece saying which one is better. Thanks in advance! ~Amelia
The Crystal Shore  (E)
A dark poem inspired by "Annabelle Lee"
I think you might need to work with the meter a bit, but I really like a lot of what you have going here. Do note that in Version 1, you have "fils with lead" instead of "fills" in that last line. *Wink*

So, I really like the 2nd stanza from both. What are the parameters? Can you add the 2nd stanza from Version 2 under the 2nd stanza from Version 1 and make Version 1 4 stanzas? Or is that not allowed per the homework rules?

Well done. You have some very nice lines in there!
Hey yall! I just posted my attempt at dark poetry, at poetry really. Its called "The Crystal Shore I would really appreciate feedback and tips on how to write poetry.
Hey, ya'll! I just added chapter 13 of my story "JANET. PLEASE go check it out! Any feedback will greatly be appreciated!! *Reading* *BigSmile* ~Amelia
 hey! for yall who may be looking for my old items. most of the time, you can find them on wattpad.com. the direct link to my account is below.
hey! i was on RAOK, looking for an upgrade, but i noticed something. what does it mean "8 visible items in their ports" ? i want an upgrade, but i dont have a card to use to pay, i only have cash, and not much of it at that. could someone explain it to me? thx in advance!
You can probably pay with a Visa gift card--use the cash to buy yourself a gift card.

For RAOK, one thing I think is unofficially true (just my opinion, so maybe not) is that you need to be pretty active on the site. I think you have a better chance if you are interacting with folks, entering contests, engaging in other activities, etc.

As for 8 visible items, when you create an item in your port (portfolio), you can make them visible or invisible. The default is visible, so all of your items are probably visible. But you can make them invisible if maybe you are creating something you don't want anyone to see until it's ready or you are writing about a personal experience and you don't want to share or you have an activity and you don't have time to run it right now and don't want folks trying to enter it so you hide it (make it invisible) so no one sees it.

Basically, do you have 8 things you've written that we can see? I only counted 5 so you need to write another couple of items--poems, short stories, whatever. Maybe enter 3 more contests? Browse the web for inspiration. Play with the WdC Writing Prompts (on the left under Writing.Com Tools is Writing Prompts).

GOOD LUCK! *Shamrock*
As a new member, you have been here at least one month, so if you have 8 items in your port, then you can request RAOK help. After 6 months, you need to have 10 reviews in 3 months to qualify for RAOK. Keep active and have fun. Add an item and try again. RAOK does like to assist where they can to those who need it. *Smile*
Hey everyone! its my birthday! Can anyone give me tips on driving safely? I nearly killed my sister yesterday! *Laugh* *FacePalm*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Advice? According to the Army, some of the top causes of accidents are passengers (yep, because they, like cell phones, can be distracting), eating or drinking (even just water--it's a distraction, plus you are reaching for it so you have 1 hand occupied in an emergency), changing the radio/air/etc., and reaching for something. So, don't do any of these things. And of course, don't drink alcohol or use drugs, legal or not. Also, you know you shouldn't talk on the phone or text while driving. *Wink* Good luck! You can do this!
hey yall! i have a couple of things i would appreciate some non-fluff reviews on. Thank you! *BigSmile* *Reading* ~Amelia
An unfinished story featuring a few of my OC's
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The Journey of A Hero: Part 1  (ASR)
A story of a friend's OC's. Not my story, just sharing it. Hope yall enjoy it!
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hey guys! im wondering how to edit the little thing beside your name? the thing with the picture? Mine is a bunch of question marks. I've gotten to the place once and now I can't find it. if anyone could help, that would be great! *Bigsmile*
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