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Are we allowed to promote our beta readers?
Oh, sorry. That sucks. *Frown* Also, I'll take you off my list of folks to contact when (IF) I (ever) have something worth reading. I misunderstood. *Laugh*

Back to the original statement, KD Miller, if your beta reader doesn't mind, obviously there are people here who need them. *Wink* So, apparently both s and I want your beta reader's contact info. *Bigsmile*
I'd beta for you, Schnujo is Late to Lannister.
Given that I'll likely never finish anything, that's a pretty safe statement, s, especially if you didn't really want to. *Rolling* *Rolling* *Rolling* (I know. You do want to or you wouldn't volunteer. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*)

If I ever get around to finishing your horror class, which isn't really a huge deal, but I keep prioritizing other things before it (and then forgetting about it *Blush*), then I expect you to beta that. *Bigsmile*

While in Africa, remembering (because I was told again *Laugh*) that hippos are the #1 killer of people (besides mosquitoes), I wondered why there wasn't a horror movie about that. *Think* Maybe I'll work on that one of these days. Yep, adding it to my list of already over 200 ideas gathered just since last fall. *Facepalm* *Laugh* Too bad I can't call it "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" after the game. *Rolling*
I'm very thankful for the kind and helpful reviews regarding the query letter I posted a few days ago. I will take everyone's advice and make improvements. I wish to thank my editor who's been with me since 2018.

To the man who point blank told me the query letter was terrible, and my book will never be published, then promoted your own self-published books for "real inspiration," seek help with your manners.

If I'm reading a story that I can't get into I simply move on. I don't criticize the author, tell them they'll never be published, and then link my portfolio telling them to read my stories to see what a good writer is.
Sorry you went through that

Did I review it? I seem to remember reading a query letter recently... And I hope I was not that obnoxious (though the tendency can be there).
Steven, no it wasn't you. I blocked this person.
WHOA! That's pretty terrible! I'm so sorry that happened to you! *Care*

Even if I thought that about someone's writing (and I do about some folks on here lol), I definitely wouldn't TELL them that! *Irritated* *FacePalm* Plus, I could be wrong. *Think* And an great editor can do wonders with a mediocre book and a motivated writer. *Geek*

Just so you know, since you blocked them, they'll not see this bit of the note to them. *Wink*

Good luck! Exciting times! *Delight*
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
I wrote up a literary query letter for SKELETONS IN THE ATTIC. My editor glanced over it and approved it. I know I haven't updated the story here on WDC in months, but the first book is polished and saved on my computer.
Is there a market for LGBT historical/ supernatural fiction? I stopped uploading my story to this site. I've been working on it in Google docs.
While I can't say for sure, I can say that the more niche you get, the smaller your potential audience. I'm guessing there are people who don't like to read historical fiction. I know there are people who don't like to read LGBT or supernatural fiction. But with diligent marketing, you can sell just about anything. It's just that some things are harder to sell than others. *Wink* Finding the audience will probably be the hardest part. But also, since it's so niche, if it's well-written, those who love all those genres will probably be thrilled to see them combined. *Smile*

Good luck!
Speaking for myself: Hell, yeah! *Bigsmile* I'd love it.
Figure holding rainbow flag overhead
I'm looking for a beta reader for the first part of my new Southern Gothic, historical fiction novel. I can't seem to find the correct group to submit my story for review. Does anyone have any suggestions?
My editor is currently overseas until July. If anyone wants to read and review my story until July, send me a message. Historical Fiction, Southern Gothic
My story, Skeletons in the Attic is a retelling of the Biblical Story of Joseph being betrayed by his brothers. My story takes place from the end of the Civil War to 1966. Tonight I finished writing a chapter and became incredibly emotional over two of my characters. Anyone else have that happen to them?
Nineteen years ago, a bored Katrina Miller sat in her library aide class at Van Alstyne High School and created a WDC account (Back then it was Stories.com). Over the years, I've met, and lost contact with many great people from this site. I took a break, but came back. Thanks to the awesome feedback, I'm currently writing my third book, and looking for an agent.
I took about a three year absence to research the town of Sherman, Texas for my newest book, Skeletons in the Attic. Only a handful of people know about this story. I'm really excited to be sharing this story on WDC. As you read it, the story will twist and turn. It's not going to end like you think it will.
COOL! It sounds exciting and I love the name! *Heart*
Thanks! I'm slowly uploading the story to wdc.
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
Skeletons in the Attic  (E)
Four siblings are adopted into a family with a dark past. (Christmas 1904)
To whomever purchased me an upgraded membership... wow! Thank you! I'll be posting my new story soon for feedback.
I apologize for my absence.
It's flooding in North Texas! Staying home to put finishing touches on my book.
I love this time of year! I get to sync my Halloween playlist onto my Ipod, write under a tree in a cemetery (maybe just me), pumpkin flavored everything, and the costumes! Love it!
The local newspaper printed an article I wrote. I'm so excited!
That's great Katrina! Congrats. The first article is so exciting. Hope the book's coming along.
I am excited for you Katrina I didn't forget about you sweetheart Love Marcia
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