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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Sorry, a day late.
Happy wdc anniversary
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The gods of the Shadows  (13+)
The story of a human who became a vampire at a very tender age
Since the beginning of this year, the best novel I've read so far is;

My Vampire System: https://mnovelfree.com/my-vampire-system-030322
by: JKS Manga
I wish i could write something like that.
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Thanks for sharing! I only consume books through Audible these days, but alas, it's not on there. *Frown*

Anyway, you could read a bunch of books on writing to learn more about how to investigate their writing style, then reread the novel and really pick apart how they created such a wonderful novel. *Bigsmile* But then, maybe it's too much work and would destroy your love for it. *Wink* I am glad you found something you admire so much! Again, thanks for sharing! *Heart*
Momma do scold me for reading dictionary like novel;
but i think it's quite interesting
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I read my Disney encyclopedia set from cover to cover when I was a kid.
Dear Anonymous Donor, Thank you for your recent generous
anonymous gift to Me. I don't know who you are or why
you chose to remain anonymous, but I appreciate your gift.

To the one that gifted me a year upgraded membership
Thank you
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The gift points could be from anyone, especially if it said it was a GP prank. It's a fun thing we sometimes do around here. But an upgraded membership probably means you're producing some nice work and maybe even being fairly active in different parts of the site. Great work! Or maybe someone just met you and really liked you. In either case, congratulations! *Delight*
"There is no competition in Destiny"

Is this really true
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I've never heard this, but I can see how it makes sense.
I was GP pranked! I was really Amazed,
thanks to the Anon
I've been GP pranked
thanks to the Anon, though I'm still confused
I want to write a poem In the horror genre, but i'm always out of ideas. Why?
I never even thought of horror poetry...though I am aware of that contest Ned posted. *Laugh* I would say maybe the prompt is the problem. Either check out her prompt or google "horror prompts" or something like that. Good luck!
I'm the same way, I do best with images lol
Octoberfest will be a great time to come stretch your horror poetry legs at "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest. We usually do multiple prompts during the month! *Heartbl*
Hey! Distinguished members of Wdc. Help me with this. I'm having prolems posting my entries in contests. How is it done e:
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For contests we use the bitem format.

Suppose your item id is: 2121779
then you should write

Reflection  (E)
A palindrome type poem
#2121779 by Maryann

I noticed that at the end of names in Wdc, there are some numbers which signifies the amount of community recognition someone has.
My question is that: What is the community recognition for and does it increase *Think*
Welcome to Writing.Com!

Yes, the number does increase. *Bigsmile* You'll find more information about how that happens here: "Community Recognition

Enjoy the site!
In summary, it's partly the age of your account, partly the number of reviews you do, the number of merit badges you have and the number of ribbons on your items. There's more to it than that I think, but those are the main things.
Am i really getting anywhere with free membership
It's a place to start.

I saw that you have 2 items. With the free membership, you get 10.

Fill them up and get involved with sending out reviews for other people.

Don't worry about the membership level for your first few days.
Pls guys. How can i edit things in my portfolio
For editing your portfolio, you can set up your bio block. You can highlight your items, create folder and add pictures.
I hope this will help you
"Get Started With Your Account
Hi all.
I'm new here, and according to my prediction, Writing.com is a thrilling site.
Can you please tell me some of the most exciting thing about this site.
The contests are fun and make sure you check out the community news feed. You are more likely to see more interesting things that way. It is the little globe icon thingy at the top of the feed.
Vaishali is pretty amazing, herself. *Hug* When clicking the Plus sign, if you only click it once, it's private and makes them a favorite and you see the finger with the string. But since I sometimes reward my fans with GPs (gift points, the WdC version of money) and MBs (merit badges), it's good to be my fan instead of just setting me as a favorite. No one knows who you have set as a favorite. *Wink*

Coming in September will be the WdC birthday celebration. It's huge every year and a great time to earn GPs and MBs and to have a ton of fun. Until then, I recommend my own activities, of course. *Laugh* I have a challenge that is pretty popular, "The Contest Challenge. Or, you can enter my contest, "The Whatever Contest -- Closed for Now, though I don't run it every single month. Also, I get behind on judging. *Blush* But hey, when I take too long to judge, you get extra GPs for having to wait, so that's always good. *Laugh* The contest changes every time so sometimes it's a long thing and sometimes short. Sometimes stories and sometimes poetry and in September, it will be something different. *Bigsmile*

I also recommend "WhataLand by Whata Turkey as a place to learn great things about how to work WdC. *Heart*

Welcome and I hope you have a great time here!
As Clean Green Sox mentioned, the Community Newsfeed shows you what everyone posts. When you click Newsfeed on the left side, you'll only see the default Personal Newsfeed, which won't show much, especially since you are new. After you have Fanned and Favorited a bunch of people, you'll see what they've posted, but for now, it's not going to have much. *Wink*

To get to the Community Newsfeed, click Newsfeed, then on the page of your Personal Newsfeed, where it will take you, along the top-ish part, you'll see "View the Community Newsfeed." Click that for way more posts. *Smile* Only people who clicked View the Community Newsfeed will see what you post unless they click your Plus sign as well.

Side note, Angelica- Busy Writing and Clean Green Sox are both pretty great, as you can see, as is Vaishali.
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