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Happy 5th Anniversary!
Happy 5th Writing.com Anniversary!!

I hope you enjoy your day and
receive lots of well-wishes.

May you be here for at least five more years!
Have been away for a couple of weeks. One of my sons sustained a back injury and just went through surgery on the 24th. Nerve wracking for us, but best Christmas present he could get...no more pain. Another relative is going through Stage IV lung cancer and chemo treatments. It has not been the best couple of months for us. We are hoping to buy some time for my sister-in-law. Recovery for my son will be slow and steady. Here is hoping for a better 2020!!
YIKES! I'm so sorry about everything! I hope everyone recovers faster than expected!
I have just been wondering about this lately. Since I have retired I find myself busier than ever. Add to that a granddaughter that is growing faster than freshly trimmed marsh grasses and I am REALLY busy. Granted, it is all the things I have been wanting to do for a long time. Just seems, that when I had a paying job, I had more down time, lol!
Everyone I know says the same thing. They wonder how they ever got anything done when they worked. Hopefully the "busy-ness" is now more about doing things that bring you joy!
Happy birthday!
Happy wdc anniversary!
Hey Sand Castles Shopgirl 739 ,

I just read "Shameless Blue. I really enjoyed reading this clever piece. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all on WDC!!!!
Well, Nanowrimo was not quite the disaster I feared. The Muse was as cooperative possible this month. I as doing pretty well until the 16th. We have been offline a lot since then due to a move to our new home. Living out of boxes while some renovations wrap up has been trying. Then last Tuesday our oldest son and his wife gifted us with our first grandchild, a lovely little girl. Top that off with our other two sons and a DIL staying with us for Thanksgiving, you get the idea. The Muse stayed calm throughout, adding a few new ideas for consideration, resulting in another 1235 words this morning for a whopping total of 18, 239. Not so much I know, but squeezing out that much has made me happy!
I understand about the word count. I did NaNo a few years ago and only got to 35k, but for me that was a feat!

Congratulations on getting 18k+ out! Great job.
It's 18k more than you would have written otherwise! Great job! And congratulations on the new granddaughter. *Smile*
Just a quick question...Has anyone heard what is happening with the Anthology? Is there any date for release for orders?
Fyn will know... She said not to nag her with asking when it would be ready, but she also said it wouldn't be ready until August, so perhaps a polite enquiry now would be allowed. *Wink*
Is there anyone else on the site having trouble accessing the WDC email system?

The system is down

Thanks for the heads up! I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier, lol.
Having trouble accessing the email system here at WDC. Anyone else having the same trouble?