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I hope your birthday was wonderful
Happy birthday 🎂
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday!!
I finally finished typing up my baby! I have tried to correct as many grammatical issues as possible. I know this is only a first draft, but I am so proud of myself. It has been a long road to get this down on paper.

If anyone wants to check it out go to
The Last Gift of the Magi  (E)
The elder Magi were not the only ones to bestow a gift. (5513 words)
#2278477 by Sand Castles Shopgirl 739
and give it a read. Any feedback will be welcome if anyone has the time.
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Good for you. I kept finding mistakes in one of my novels 12 times of edits. Hang in there. keep us posted
I find myself in a strange place today. As long as I have been writing, and it is not that long, I have NEVER finished a long story. This one is not quite a novel. Maybe could be considered a novella or just a really long short story. This story has floated on the fringes of my imagination for quite some time.

Since I wrote the piece long hand, I am in the process of typing it up now. I guess the next big hurdle is the dreaded editing process. One step at a time I guess.

I am just dealing with a mixture of feelings, surprise, and a bit of pride, that I actually finished a project. The other feeling is fear. Fear of editing and fear that my piece will not be good enough for publication. I am getting ahead of myself I know.

Anyway, I am taking a bit of time to give myself a pat on the back and say, "I did it!"
Congratulations on finishing your first longer length work!
In my opinion, editing is always easier with "fresh eyes". Type it up, then walk away from it for a bit. They re-read it and you will see the boo-boos and the stuff that could be polished up and made better. Congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck!
Congratulations. I get the fear part I also fear that it is a freak event that I will not be able to replicate, even after 14 books. I also get a little depressed that I don't get to play with that group of characters on a daily basis anymore. Then I remember the concept of sequels
Congratulations and enjoy the waves of emotions that come with it.
Thanks to the Ninja Monkeys for the lovely reviews!!
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I want to let you know,
Happy Anniversary and many more.
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Your Anniversary Month
Happy 7th Anniversary on WDC!!
Write On!!
Happy anniversary 🎉
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