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dedications: Walkway in "Poems August Running" mentions "john." That would leave John W. February-summer 1995; john s. august 23, 2003; and john m. january 1997. In "Woodland Home" the reference to spring/summer 2010 (a year before the poem was written and in my notes) would be to Peter R. Peter R. and Bertie are also mentioned in "Lettersongs."
expect to renew writing com upgraded after april fool's day and easter weekend, thanks for the reminders--this is to remember day 2
will be computerized on an old browser computer as often as my writings-computer. still as involved with communtiy as before ! (can't log in on days with incompatible browser)
TSEliot&WallaceStevens:A Clarification--stays a (book). Complete footnotes and proofed for the space.
that essay is one of the main papers in my portfolio
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/l.weil