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I've decided not to renew my membership due to the fact that I'm not using my account. I've put most everything into my recycle bin and have about a month to think it over. In general, I've saved everything so I can try to write more on it now that I've found a program I like, but I doubt I'll do it. I'm always inspired, but never able to write. I suppose it's about time for me to decide whether or not I'm going to keep writing.
I agree with Alexi Stick around, give it another shot. *Smile*
I appreciate the words of encouragement. I have saved everything in my profile to my desktop, especially the works in progress, and plan on trying to find time to continue them. I just don’t think I’ll be paying to store them here. I love this site and the way it’s structured, but I’m not utilizing the site as I should. That’s mostly why I’ve decided not to renew. I won’t be closing my account so I can alway renew again someday.
Some help may be available from a group here that helps with membership I believe.
Give yourself some time to reflect and see where your at Jewel, it would be a loss if you go. *Smile*
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I found a postcard from Elle (she/her) in our mailbox yesterday before I left for work. It was unexpected and very appreciated. I actually enjoy receiving mail that isn't a bill or junk. I don't know why you decided to send me the lovely postcard, but I'm glad you did. Thank you very much. *BigSmile* I feel like it made my day.
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Does it bother you when you see someone complaining about having to pay to use more than the basic site?

I find that it annoys me quite a bit. This site doesn't survive by being free. It's here because people choose to pay for it. Without paid memberships, the site would cease to exist in this form and would be an ad-filled chaos.
I can't complain but sometimes I still do
Life's Been Good, Joe Walsh

I think it is generous that the The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress set up the site so that you can have a free account for as long as you want to have one. It could have been set up as a true "try before you buy" with a time limit. If you are serious about writing, even writing for yourself, then investing in a paid membership just makes sense. Whining about it, not so much.
Thanks Leah, now I've got a hankering to listen to Joe Walsh. *Laugh*
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This reviewing thing really works.
I haven't met the writer who puts ego ahead of good faith.
I have read good work, amusing, thought-provoking, reminiscent and aspirational.
Reviews of my work have enabled me to make immediate improvements.
I've earned a nice handful of points, valuable merit badges and a generous anonymous award.
And I have a higher aspiration. I never know quite what I have written until someone tells me.
So tell me. If you think I have been crude, tell me. If you think I have been cryptic, I have been cruel or I have missed something obvious, tell me.
If you laughed, please tell me why.
I may not accept your criticism, but I will respect it. And I thank you even before you pick up your pen.
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I've been using my Audible account quite a bit lately. I've decided that Joe Haldeman really is my favorite author. I've dedicated time to going through his bibliography and listening to any book they have by him on there. It has been refreshing to dig into science fiction and really enjoy it. I've had my head stuck in supernatural/urban fantasy for so long that I practically forgot what hard sci-fi was like.

I also finished A Scanner Darkly and I understand why everyone hails Phillip K. Dick as such a great author. Great stuff.
Thank you, Dee , for my entry into the raffle. I haven't been on here much, but I appreciate it.
I've been flip-flopping about changing the name of one of my races in "Serus & Edoria, because two of them have extremely similar names. It took two days, and a lot of googling, but I settled on a Latin word that I feel would work better.

I've not been writing much lately, but I've been thinking about it. My memory and a general feeling of fatigue have been a huge block for me. I'm hoping to get back into it soon. I really want to do some writing.
Wow. That's really not appropriate for a newsfeed item. I wish there was a way to report things like that.
I didn't realize that we couldn't until now. Huh.
If it's something that would be solved by having a high rating, eg. GC or XGC, then no, there's probably nothing you can do about it. If it's truly offensive for other reasons, maybe let a mod know. They'd be able to tell you if it was something that needed reporting, and they could report it for you.
It was actually a note on the feed that was XGC. The user ended up being removed so I assume the mods saw it and reported it.
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