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I have a vested interest in a book called Life in Ann's World. It is my first novel that is a flop. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but it is what it is; I blame my publisher, but in the end, I should have never trusted as much as I did. Lesson learned! What an expensive lesson it was too.
Life in Ann's World is a Syfy adventure in which the main characters are Ann and her friends. It doesn't seem to be a Syfy adventure when you first read it, but if you keep reading, it gets better. If anyone chooses to read it and they have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you should be able to read it for free.
Why do you blame your publisher? What did they do or not do? Why was it expensive? Did you pay to have them upload it to Amazon or did they give you anything of value for your expenses?

All honest questions.
I don't feel the publisher was giving my book the attention I thought it required. It mainly was a communication breakdown between the person taking my comments, the person correcting the edits, for me. I tried to give them a better, more rounded version of that book I wrote, but they said their people could handle it; I see now how they took it—unfinished sentences, comma splices, there were lots of errors in that novel. I was proud to have published my first book but not so much after reading it and seeing the mistakes.
That's too bad. To be honest, this seems to be the same story every time someone pays to get published.
It would probably be better to invest in an editor who answers to you. Once the book is in the right shape, pitch to traditional publishers or self publish.
Since I was here last, I have published a few short stories with Vocal.Media and I am re-writing Life In Ann's World. I am also creating a new book.
I have uploaded a new story, The Magical Pear Tree. Please read it and let me know what you think.
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