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Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations The ScaryMaster & The StoryMistress for creating and maintaining this creative utopia.

We humble wordsmiths thank you.
I've added a new entry to my little film blog, "Cut The Hits:
"No M-
Hello, friend-os!
I'm back.
It's been a while, but I've finally added a new entry to my book, "OFF-CUTS!:
"Another Ghost Story
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You've still got it!

Wishing you loads of good cheer and hope
you enjoy your birthday to the fullest!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Oops! Sorry about posting the random note. I was just checking something and hit submit by accident.

On a side note, a poem of yours will be in Editor's Picks for the Drama newsletter this coming week. *Wink*
Thanks very much for the merit badge and the good wishes. We'll get by somehow!
Hi, folks.

I finally wrote something new. Check it out if you have a minute.

Orchids In Orbit  (13+)
The ascension to sovereignty proved hard for a beetle devoid of flowers.
#2217592 by Laurie Razor
Hello, WDC people!

What a week; first with work, then I attended a business expo, which I have to tell you, is one of the most soul-crushing experiences I've ever endured.

A wondrous networking excursion, my keister!

Hundreds of bored professional folk wandering around, pretending they're more important than they are.

Next to them were the social-media marketers, and while I appreciated their hustle, their parasitic near-automated sounding felt extremely robotic.

Hello, sir. We can help get you on the internet. We have professional videographers who can make you...

If you're paid to communicate, shouldn't the ability to think and speak at the same time be a prerequisite?

What otherworldly horror hides behind the eyes of the soulless accountants sitting in the corner, blankly staring out at the sea of people, waiting to harvest their wallets if they got close enough.

I'm so glad I'm finally free from the clutches of these dang pod people, and hey, I got an entry into the Short Shots competition, so that's something.

Beyond The Powerline  (18+)
Two strangers, united by sorrow. A tale of love, loss, and life beyond.
#2199255 by Laurie Razor

Yeah, it's a kind of romance story; a stark departure from my usual stories, but I think it turned out okay.

I know I don't usually rant like this but gosh dang I needed to vent.

Thanks for reading.
I'm glad you survived too! Think of it as fodder for another story! lol
Ugh! I’ve attended those things and you’ve really nailed exactly what they’re like.

I especially agree with your take in the newest monster to make the scene, social media marketers. And, yes, they should have a better handle on communicating. What’s even note stunning is that they usually go home with pockets full of new vict—, I mean, clients.

At lease accountants offer a real service! 😂🤓
Happy Anniversary!
see above.

Happy 1st WdC Anniversary!
This is the beginning of a success story
that will continue for many more years.
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Hello, WDC peoples!

As usual, I'm late to the party, but I hope you all had an incredible Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Saturnalia/Holiday season.

Somehow, December's escaped me entirely, and most of you know, I was away in November to take a shot at NaNoWriMo which went surprisingly well.

While I squirrel myself away from time to time, a two-month absence feels like a somber eternity clawing at my heels.

Research, reality, recreation, responsibilities, and revelations rattled me slightly, but I'll fill you in on that in the coming days.

For now, I wish all of you a happy new year, and a better 2020!

*BurstR*          *BurstY*          *BurstG*
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Happy New Year! Welcome back.
I've added a new review to my little film blog, "Cut The Hits:
         "Halloween Extreme! (Cutting Moments)
I've added a new entry to my book, "Cut The Hits:
         "UPDATE: 2!
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