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I've added a new entry to my book, "Invalid Item:
         "Invalid Entry
how can I upload a photo to my blog? Magnificent sunrise this morning I would like to share, it appeared to have saved, however I cant see it.
yes it gave me an item ID but I don't see the pic anywhere on my blog or in my portfolio
well I managed to get it into my portfolio so I suppose that will do, thanks
After creating the Image item,

you can use the item ID in an item link to provide a way to go to the item:
WritingML Help for item

{item:2128980} yields:

"Invalid Item


you can use the item ID in the image tag to embed just the image elsewhere:
WritingML Help for image

{image:2128980} yields:

** Image ID #2128980 Unavailable **
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
 Break down  (E)
road trip turned bad..or was it?
interactive story, lets have some fun
Work was such a drag
two days off made today lag
holidays were nice
but working has left me on ice
I am currently working on a western novel about my Great Grandfather post civil war, a sheep herder and cattle man on the Pecos River in West Texas
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Happy Writing! Cowboy Cody
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