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Hey everyone,

I will be opening up a shop called Anchor Image Shop soon. Right now I'm taking my time to set everything up. I hope you all enjoy getting Lighthouses, Compasses and Anchors. I am going to add more images on the page besides lighthouses, I will be adding Fall images, spring, summer and winter images. So far, I like it so hopefully you all will like it once I have it opened.

As for the Ghost Town Reviewers group, I need more time on that because I have to figure out what to put there. So I will let you all know when that is open but right now, its closed for now.

I will post it here once I'm done with my image shop and I will post the link to it as well.

Now THIS I gotta be saving my GPS for....lighthouses & anchors, yes..Compasses...meh.
How about some wooden sailing ships as well?
Well, I am setting up my shop and I was thinking about ships and captains too. Thanks for giving me a hint, 🎅JollyStBrad ⚓ . Don't worry I will open it soon.
To those of you who entered both contests:

I will read your stories and poems when I get the chance and I will announce the winners on here but I will announce it after New Years, so I do need more time to read every thing. So please be patient. I haven't forgotten you all. With the holidays, it has been crazy and I have been busy with my family. if I do it before then, I will announce it right then. Talk to you all later.

Thank you

Thank you The StoryMaster & The StoryMistress for the card and the gifts. I like it very much.
I Just got this from Jingle Bell Rockin' ♫♥♫

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   Wishing you all success in your new Autism group, and thanks for being an awesome friend. Hugs from Hannah ♫♥♫

Well deserved, my friend. *HeartG*
Thank you so much, 🌙 HuntersMoon , it means a lot to me. See you around the site, my friend.
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 ... for being YOU! 🤣 You may not always feel appreciated so I thought I'd celebrate with you by reminding you of how special you are.

Thank you to Annette , it was so much fun and I need to give it a try with that challenge.
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Hello Beacon,
Here is a train to run to your lighthouse. Thank you for playing with me. 

Thanks again you two.

Hey everyone,

I want to let you all know, have a safe thanksgiving and be careful. Have a great day! 🦃

I have been pranked so thank you Anonymous. You just put a smile on my face.

A shared image for fun

Okay everyone,

I need your help and I got this from Facebook, it group I belong too. It's for Border Collie's. Anyways, Post this on your facebook Accounts and get it passed along and the dog went missing on 10/26/19 from Rumbling Bridge in the Hermitage Area of Perthshire. I am hoping someone knows that area and the family is desperate to find him. So please, I need your help, if you know this area, That's what the dog looks like and if you see a dog like this one pictured, please let me know asap.

Please help pass this along

to find Eddie
This is the original post that I got from Facebook.
Well, that's if someone brings him to the United States then you can contact me asap for sure but you just never know. I've heard dogs go missing and the dog goes to the last address he remembers.
I hope the dog is found soon.
I hope so too, I guess it's getting so cold where these people are that anyone can freeze. I'm wondering if someone took the dog and not realize it belongs to a family. So I am hoping someone returns him to the family if not the vet or a shelter so they can scan him for microchip.
Hey there

I have a name for my Reviewers group thanks to Schnujo Ho Ho Ho! so thank you. I have named it Ghost Town Reviewers Group and I do like westerns but it's not all about westerns, it can be any genre that we can Review. I just wanted to do something fun for the group so I can have you all be invited to check it out once I'm done. I like to Review everyone's items and give you positive and honest feedback. Later, I'm going to get a Merit Badge done as well. So just be patient and I will post it here later.

Okay, Mr. 🎅JollyStBrad ⚓ , once I have it set up the group, I can add you to the list and you can play as the bad guy. I will make it fun for you all.

Hey Schnujo Ho Ho Ho! , I didn't know you actually heard something, that's crazy. Well, when I open the group up, This is the type of role playing I was talking about and we can Review other people's work as well.
OK....Black Brad....then?
I worked at a theater that was haunted. Several of us would be alone upstairs and would hear our name being called. One guy even says he saw someone up there and he walked over to tell him to leave and as he approached, the guy disappeared into the floor. Our ghost used to love Dr. Pepper. He would run it all night long. We'd come the next day and it would have overflowed all over. We disconnected it and it would still come on while we were watching or at night while we were gone. We had the Coke guy come and he replaced the whole system, but it continued to happen. The funny thing is before he replaced it, he went through and investigated everything and told us the reason the Dr. Pepper wasn't working was because it was disconnected. We insisted it would run anyway, but he didn't believe us. He did replace it anyway, though.
I would like to take a moment to say thank you to: Jingle Bell Rockin' ♫♥♫ , I'm glad I met you, my friend.

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Hey everyone,

I was thinking about doing a review group and I need help naming the group so I can start it. So if you have a good ideas or suggestions, I will take it and I can think about it. I may need help getting the group done too. Please let me know. Another, I don't want to copy anyone so no copying anybody's forums or groups.

Thank you