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I have reviewed (Review of "Shadows" ) and awarded a Little Favorites  Ribbon to blimprider's story, Invalid Entry, the second installment of his horror detective mystery series Invalid Item .

Definitely a must–read!
A story that knows how to break the rules

Lycan Wood  (13+)
One injury can change your life forever.
#2271336 by Larisa McGrath
Pleased take a look at the latest ditty

Richest Man in the world eats Ice Cream  (E)
Richest Man in the world eats Ice Cream for Writer's Cramp
#2271213 by JCosmos

from JCosmos my newest Little Favorite's Award.

Little Favorites  (13+)
A place to find works that I have awarded a "Little Favorite" Ribbon
#2242691 by Jon Little (he/him)

It inspired my return

 Against the current  (13+)
The Writer's Cramp 4/14/22 - 374 words
#2271238 by Jon Little (he/him)

to contests after a long absence.
Has anyone read — or seen the HBO adaptation of — Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven? It won the 2015 Arthur C. Clarke Award and I read it recently to see what it takes to win that award.

As an award winner, I was not overly impressed with the writing. It felt like it had skipped the final editorial process, and it wasn't because it took on a very non–linear story line; I love non–linearity. The story seem to skip along haphazardly (though I will readily admit that may have been more a lazy "reader" than the writer) so I almost passed on watching the mini–series last month.

OMG. Patrick Somerville (who was a writer and showrunner) tightened up the story and took it into the same legendary space as Walking Dead. Both are post-apocalyptic stories, but are definitely different genres. There are no zombies in Station Eleven and the sidekick outlaws are milquetoast compared to WD's Negan — and correspondingly less important to the story line.

The various plots and subplots are vibrant and challenging and weave a complex tale; the drama is restrained but tense; the characters have depth and are developed over time like a delicate hollandaise sauce. And the (happy?) ending will tear your heart out. I haven't been that choked up (read - crying my eyes out) by good drama since Jeff Daniels called for a bayonet charge in Gettysburg.
I read the book; I didn't care for it. It jumped around too much, and it kind of made no coherent sense to me, like a bunch of short vignettes strung together. I doubt I watch the series, but maybe I'll give it a try.
I loved the novel for its unrushed subtlety. I didn't know it was turned into a show. I'll add it to my to-watch list.
"Incoherent" is a good description of the novel; there was very little tying the various story arcs together. The show follows the novel in the sense it jumps around as well, but it does a good job providing an overall thematic story line.
I have placed an entry "Invalid Entry for the

Haiku Hunt Contest  (E)
Haiku Poem Contest with Prompt. Round 11 Closed!
#1969492 by eyestar~

Glad to see this contest up and running. I have it on my list, preferably to finish soon and not wait till the deadline. Haiku seem so easy but they are not.
*Balloonr* Happy first year WDC Anniversary month! Yay! *Cake2*
Happy wdc anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy 1st!
see above.

Happy 1st!!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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I've added three reviews to my Little Favorites:

Little Favorites  (13+)
A place to find works that I have awarded a "Little Favorite" Ribbon
A new entry to my Little Favorites:
Little Favorites  (13+)
A place to find works that I have awarded a "Little Favorite" Ribbon
Well. I've been GP Pranked!

Thanks, Anon!
I've added another award winning short story to my list of Favorites:

Little Favorites  (13+)
A place to find works that I have awarded a "Little Favorite" Ribbon
Good, stolenthrones. How about yourself?
Sounds like a great hook for a story ... *Whistle*
Yeah, I get that — I have a dozen ongoing projects, but at least I am organized enough to know I have a dozen.

It IS a great hook, isn't it? Now I have a Baker's Dozen.

... have you ever written down a word and then just stared at it for ten minutes knowing you spelled it right, but it just didn't look right? Dozen looks soooo wrong ....
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