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Happy 1st birthday Lilliy. I hope you are keeping well.
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*BalloonB* *Quill* *BalloonG* Happy 1st WdC Anniversary, Lilliy Loidd! *BalloonG* *Quill* *BalloonB*
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Happy Birthday!
Ah, I missed your birthday! Happy late birthday to the lovely Lilli! How was your big day?
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday!
Hope all is well.
It's going alright, thank you.
Hope all is well with you too. *Heart*
Spread some support and love y'all.
"Note: I've been pretty much too lethargic to keep ..."

Support coming your way and anyone else who needs it *HeartT* *HeartBl*
I had to reset my computer (drive got corrupted) and lost 1/3 of my portfolio.
Like job hunting wasn't hard enough already.

Do you have another drive somewhere, possibly? You could use it
Miranda_EatingCookies the 2/3 I didn't lose were backed up on cloud and the 1/3 I lost should also be on cloud but it's just magically poofed, also my other cloud account with my more detailed portfolio won't unlock for some reason and the recovery isn't working so I had to write customer support

my friend that had some of my things backed up lost them too lol we're a pair of derps

well it's not a huge deal, I'll figure it out, if nothing else I'll just made some new designs to fill in the gaps
Oh no, how frustrating! *Rant*
So, I guess I'm published? This is a first, I can't believe it (literally) until I see the story in the book with my own eyes *Laugh*

This fat thing here: 101 Proof Horror  

I still can't believe it though, lol
Congrats!! It's an amazing feeling!!