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Happy 9th WDC Anniversary!

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is full of joy, laughter, and Blessings!
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Power's is ten years strong, and I wanted to thank you for your participation through those years.

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*Balloong**Fairy* YAY! Celebrating 10th Year of Power with you! Thanks for sharing your flair *Fire* in "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group through the years! You rock! *Salute*
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Praise A Member of The Power Group  [E]
It's Power's 10th anniversary year! Appreciate a member of the day. Open to EVERYONE.
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Happy 6th Anniversary!!
Today is a monumental day for many, for others it is a mixed bag. During my absence I have been on speed dial with my ancestors. I landed a job as an Assistant Genealogist and Arkansas History Indexer working in archives. NaNoWriMo hit, and my story centers around people and incidents in my family history and DNA. While researching for NaNoWriMo; hanging from my Family Tree I found that at least a few of my long-ago cousins wives were suffragettes, the Cousin's were in Government. I am proud to share: My fifth cousin (great-great-great-great-great) twice removed's wife; Belle Case La Follette. She spent her whole life fighting for civil rights. She was an attorney and ran her husband's Senatorial campaign; an election she was not allowed to vote in. He won. I changed my Profile Cover to celebrate her and the other women who fought so we could vote.
Cathy Lattus

Arkansas / Genealogical Research

cathy@ mylibrarynow.org Greene County, AR Library.
I'm in Montgomery County near Glenwood, AR.
dog pack:saving4 premium renew It is a small world indeed. Hello neighbor. "The person you are writing next to may be closer than you think.
*Smile* Hey there! Hope you are faring well and having a bit of fun! *Sun*
Thank you. I am NaNoWriMo-ing as part of our library's "Come Write In" and as a writer...going slow. I am also studying for my GRE I take on the 10th of Nov., I don't like anything to be easy. Thank you for the well wishes, and I hope all good stuff is coming your way.
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