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Tikal the echidna voice over now posted! Check out: Stephy's Character Voices- Tikal the Echidna
New! Honey the Cat voice over has now been uploaded! Check it out: Stephy's Character Voices- Honey the Cat Enjoy! *Smile*
I finally uploaded the voice over video for Blaze the Cat! The video is called: Stephy's character voices- Blaze the Cat *Smile*
Watch my video about me voice acting for Cream the Rabbit at Youtube! The video is called: Stephy's character Voices- Cream the Rabbit Enjoy!!! *Smile*
Oh, hey there. Just to let you know, or maybe to remind you, I sent an invitation to the campfire a little bit ago. If you want to participate, accept the invitation, please. :)
My new twitter name is Stephy Laurens! Check me out and maybe you can tweet me sometimes if you'd like! *Smile*
So, I finally experienced the world of Voice overs...but just a few things of it. Very interesting to do and I hope can voice cartoon/video game characters one day... Wouldn't that be something? *Smile* Read about my new article called <u>Welcome to Voice Over!</u>
No problem. :)
Yes, in fact I do have a twitter. I don't use it much, but my username is Treevis27.
Guess what my fellow writers? I finally have set up my own twitter account! My username is StephyTheWriter. Come and visit my account sometime and if you want, you can tweet a little something for me!
<b>I'm starting to hear about Chad and I heard that he wants to start a new album...BUT, I only heard about it on google news from two websites including Billboard.com, so I don't if it is true or not. I must look into this further....</b>
Hey all you rock lovers or fans....I have just set up a poll about some well known guitarists and I want to see which one is your favorite. The title of the item is "Who's your favorite guitar hero". I have a lot of guitarists to choose from like Slash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammett and many more! Check it out some time!!! *Smile*
Hey! Attention Rockband/Nickelback fans!! Nickelback songs are going to be added to the rockband store (You know, over the internet). There are going to be six tracks: "Rockstar", "Never Again", "Photograph", "Burn it to the Ground", "Figured you Out", and "This Afternoon".

Rock on, all you rockband players!!!!!! Let's get some gold star ranks going!
***Individual songs are $1.99 on Xbox360 and PS3. As for the Wii, the individual songs will be $2.00.****
Songs will be added tomorrow!!! *Smile*
Nickelback's last concert for the Dark Horse Tour is today.
Don't worry I'll still try to get some facts in. It's going to be a little difficult because they are not going to be on tour until the next album is produced.

My estimate: I think their album would probably be released in 2-3 years.
We'll see!
Hey, Kelly! I made you proud, girl! *BigSmile*
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