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Happy New Year
Have A Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling New Year!
Merry Christmas to every one
Merry Christmas! *Smile*
Merry Christmas!
Happy Memorial Day to everyone who had a Father, a Son, a Daughter or a Mother that served our Country and lost their lives protecting our way of life and our freedom. May you rest in peace. And my dad was one of those fallen heroes. His took a long time because of Agent Orange. Thanks to the military for waiting a long time to Diagnosing it. He lived a long time with it but he was withering away after the diagnosis.
Sorry I haven't been on much but I have so much going on with me getting ready to write my Memoir and getting ready for going back to Reno, NV soon too.
Merry Christmas to you all
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this site.
well earlier this year my mom and dad died just 45 days apart.My mom died on June 15th and my dad died on July 30th. And I'm thinking about writing a memoir about me.
Happy Birthday Writing.com
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