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Happy 19th WDC Birthday, CaptainMidnightSingforPhoebe !!!

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Every once in awhile I stumble across something in the dark, something I didn't even know was there.
And after the typical (%$#T^+_!! of a stubbed toe, when I've calmed down and I'm over it, well then, comes the question what to do with it?
Burnt offerings! To the comedy gods!
(Or whoever it is who wishes to take responsibility for the darned thing...)
Followers? I don't have any followers!
I don't even have any Leaders.
But I'm not entirely unconvinced that this particular topic doesn't touch a nerve, spread a little salt upon a wound, invite a wince, a grimace, a groan, a moan, or any other human response in relation to the idea of somebody somewhere reading something you've written, for some reason.
Beyond that, it's all as profound as Samuel Clemons' chosen pen name:
Mark Twain.
Which means in Mississippi Riverboat parlance - "deep enough."

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Read it and weep, or laugh, or throw it a Bronx cheer, as the case may be.
I leave you with an astonishing question:

Can a review be reviewed?

..........and the walks off mumbling to herself bit was truly priceless. Best laugh of the day, so far.
I'll review this review question and get back to you, but not in a review.
I'm having a deja vu moment, sort of. But actually more of what happens when you play with language and it bites you back. Like when a review turns into a rear view.
Happy, Happy, wonderful day. Have a great birthday.
A captain's hat turned slightly sideways, the clump of longjohn Silver boots, a portside shiffle shuffling stage left into a moonlight spotlight...
while careworn valentines shift into dogeared forgetfulness, inside drawers and clipped up on bulletin boards.....
A little late, with this one:

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#2075325 by Not Available.

climbs out the basement window, heading for the nearest seashore.......
what is a shiffle?
Well, it's a lot like a shuffle, but done to a six-eight beat just outside of waltz time, often attempted after a third glass of whiskey, and is known to mix real well with rice crackers and brie. Though some think it looks hilarious, it is known as the customary response on certain south sea islands....after losing one's balance 60 feet up a coconut palm.
I wouldn't try this at home.....[wink]
Better late than never-- that's what has happened. Dreams finding new doors, grizzlies waking up from long sleep! The heart that thought it would stop or suffer more blows all accepted being late. Late is the culture though, across the globe, raising West's brow, but for once late is good, that's all we could--- be late than never.
My dear Pixie n Thigse's dad
Two of your poems got nominated for best poems in 2015... Song of Whales and Blood all over the Map. The latter was the one that brought me to you and the first which made me a fan.
Pixie's maple keys for you
Their mom

A little bird lands
in a faraway place
all the wings folded
in a feathered embrace

while Freedom sings
in jetstreams
and dreams lie
in foreign lands

and sound
the languages of love
reside like scattered seeds
within the ground

to flyaway once more
one day...
to distant shores
all in seasons' glad good time....
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There's the promise of warmth
and burst of colours
on the other side of Terra.

A old Nightingale singing blues
for hundred of eras

For one who heard that music
can distant be a villain?
Dreams weaved in the words
setting off a spell

The journey back home
is only to begin
the journey to a new one
she wants to call her home.
Here's my answer to your question
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See if you can read this ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy "Note: Thanks to the BBC World News, the whole world k..."
I wish you an happy account anniversary!

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Congratulations on Your Promotion!
Better late than never! *Bigsmile*
On why I chose Liberty as my new dressup (upon achieving a new jacket color.)
Well, at first I was going to throw a Jolly Roger on my traveliin' case - went and had a look, decided not, then figured I'd just use my flag. All well and good, seeing as I'm a proud Canadian.
Then I got to figurin' again....on how, since I was a boy, I've also been a proud North American.
Then I got to fiigurin', how would the two most powerful and iconic images in my life....look, together? Not too shabby, I'd say.
Lady Liberty, with all due respect, ma'am......you are one fine statue to look up to.
You see, I was born a Libra, and Freedom has been the sustenance of my life.
When I was a kid, I dreamed of freedom. When I was 16, I attained it.....and so became free to dream of something else. To forever after look up, and never down. Whether it's heaven, a flag, or a proud statue, my eyes are still clear. As Woody said, "These lands are our lands."
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Hi CaptainMidnightSingforPhoebe loved the line ' To forever after look up, and never down. Whether it's heaven, a flag, or a proud statue, my eyes are still clear.'

Nice *Smile*
Are you sick? Do you feel okay? There's a new hue about you... Oh wait, I see! It's your shiny new Yellow Suitcase! Congratulations on your promotion to Preferred Author!
You're looking good in yellow!
Congratulations on your promotion. *Balloony* *Partyhaty* *Delight*

Talk soon. I have some reviews from you to discuss. *Pthb*

Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.
Sits quietly in a dark corner minding his own business when commotion erupts and tall glasses are heard to ring out whacked and bashed by silver spoons. Stumbles upon the podium to assorted hoots and whistles demanding "SPEECH! SPEECH!
Overhears someone in the distant back mutter......"o lord, he's Irish! We'll be here all night!
Considers this, opens his mouth and closes it again. Employs on the spot his very best Vegas Elvis imitation and then leaves the building.
"Why, thank you. Thank you very much."

Reviews to discuss? Yoicks! It wasn't me. I didn't do it! It's a frame-up, I tell ya! I was just in the right spot at the wrong time! (Or was that the wrong spot at the right time?)
I knew that it was just a matter of time before you discovered my partner in crime, Captain! Charlie is one of my favorite people on here, and I long ago surmised that you would enjoy reading his work. *Wink* And lookie lookie... two of my favorite people in the same place. *Thumbsup*
I just dunno if I can possibly stand that much good poetry in one universe, Cinn.
I might have to move next door.
Otherwise I might 'Fringe" my tender sensibilities to a frazzle
(and then where would I be?)
Just like poor Walter, up the creek without an algorithm in sight! Yow!
Sentiments returned, chum.
Congratulations on the promotion to

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