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Hi There. I'm new here. My name's Lizzie. I'm a recent graduate, and have a profound love for everything creative. I am pursuing a career in graphic design, but have always had a soft spot for literature. I mostly write short stories, and fan-fiction. However, my reading preferences are widespread: fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, drama, thrillers, etc. I also share a guilty pleasure for young-adult fiction, but hey, all writing is good writing - who cares who the target audience is. I can't wait to share my work with you, and new authors and interesting stories. I would also love to make new friends to help me learn the inner workings of this website.
Welcome my friend *Heart* Can't wait to read your work!
Welcome, Lizzie! I hope you have fun here, and I can't wait to see the creativity in your work! *Delight*
Welcome and nice to meet you liz!
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