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I don't think it can be overstated how much I am moved and gratified on a personal level that somehow my story made it to the finals in the quills. The last time I had the luxury of logging on here I gushed about how much of an impact this place has had on me- now I can say that includes my self-esteem. I am honored like you have no idea. Thanks a million times- there are so, so many talented and inspirational people on this site, I'm blessed to be able to call it home, and to call you guys my word family...
Great storyteller, for those who like horror it's a good read. *Shock2*
🎵 We are family... 🎵 😉
Great - congratulations! *StarStruck*
OK my lovelies- you're all in serious jeopardy of receiving sloppy, tearful virtual hugs (from me). I've been away from WdC for so long because I've been working like a crazy person who works a lot so I miss my magical place of great people, creativity, and support.

SO after what seems like an eternity I log in to find happy birthday wishes, happy WdC anniversary wishes, AND I got tagged with some GPs by some anonymous person playing GP pranks on hapless members of this fine community.

Have I mentioned how much I love you guys?

*Butterfly2O* Not sure if I've ever met you, but Welcome Home! *Butterfly2G*
Thanks, Tina Stone I haven't met you yet either, but glad to meet you now! *HeartP*
Errrrmagherrd y'all, I've been nominated for my first Quill Award for 'The Castle Wakes'! I feel pretty darn honored!
And well you should! Somebody likes you.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Castle Wakes   (18+)
A lonely castle holds a dark purpose, inspired by actual events. 2019 Quill Award Nominee!

This one's earned a place in the pantheon of my sick and twisted horror folder- second-place winner of the sure shots contest *Smile*. Give it a read if you've got the time and let me know if you've got suggestions for improvement...
Question: does anyone use grammarly premium and if so have you gotten your money’s worth out of it?
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Devil's Barber  (13+)
Tall Tales Contest
Leaving the house and interacting with other people is a good idea if you like to write stories, correct? Someone convince me...

I can't even convince myself. *Shock2*
Whenever I go out in public I am always observing people. I watch their mannerisms, interactions, and gestures that I can use. I listen to their conversations when possible for little pearls of wisdom. I take note of what they look like for future character descriptions in whatever I write next. To be a great writer, I think you need to be a great observer. Anyway, it works for me.
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 13TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, TRAILERPARK! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*
Thanks! I wonder sometimes if I had been here regularly for the WHOLE time I've been a member how much stuff would be in my portfolio by now... *Think*
Happy 13th WdC anniversary!
I've got a question...

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say a LOT of my characters are based upon people I know, either loosely or not so loosely. Some of these characters may not always be portrayed in the most flattering ways, or they may not be likable at all, but they're authentic and meaty enough that softening them up would be detrimental to the story. It would make them shallow and unrelatable.

At some point, someone you know is gonna read what you've written and recognize themselves. At some point, they may not love what they read. (Or maybe they'll be flattered, but obviously that's kind of a non-issue.)

So the question is, how do you guys smooth this over with your family, friends, acquaintances, whomever? I'm not sure just telling them not to take it personally would be adequate for everyone.

Oh and by the way, thanks for being wonderful, WDC people. You guys are the best. *Smile*

Put this disclaimer at the bottom of all your emails, text messages, put it on your t-shirt, hat, and business cards: "I am a writer. Anything you say or do will end up in a story."