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Hello, readers. The Grand One is here with an offer you may be interested in. My story https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1627830-Cartoon-Vore-GTS-... is getting big, but I'd like for more people to add their voices. So, given that this is my first note of this kind, I think I'll try a little experiment. For the next three people who can write 1000+ words on my interactive, I'll write something equally substantial to either follow it up, or add to another story of your choice. Interested?
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Congratulations on your interactive getting so big! Also, good job having 22 fans. Keep working on getting fans because unless someone clicks View the Community Newsfeed like I did, they will only see posts from the people whose plus button they have pushed once or twice and they will never see your posts here. *Wink*

Here's a tip on how to post a link to your interactive. You use braces and either item or bitem then a colon. At the colon, the last several items of your own that you have worked on will automatically pop up and you can select from that menu and the ending brace will also automatically appear. If you want to post something you haven't worked on recently or you want to post another person's item, you just need to get the item number. It is below the title and also in the web address. Here are examples of how to post a link...

{item:1627830} which results in "Cartoon Vore, GTS, Shrink, and All Else

And {bitem:1627830} which results in
 Cartoon Vore, GTS, Shrink, and All Else  (18+)
Let's get crazy with some cartoon characters, new and old. 200-word minimum.
#1627830 by The Grand One

Again, congratulations on your popular interactive and on having 22 fans! Keep it up!
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