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Who wants some merit badges?

Dystopian Scrawlings Fundraiser  (E)
I'm going to open my first contest soon, and I need some funding :)
#2260418 by Writin' Witch O' The South

I've opened a fundraiser to raise funds for a contest I'm hoping to open by early 2022 at the latest. The contest will be called "Dystopian Scrawlings" and will run Bi-monthly as long as I can keep it open. The thing is, I need funds, so, as previously mentioned, I opened a fundraiser.

Dystopian Scrawlings Fundraiser  (E)
I'm going to open my first contest soon, and I need some funding :)
#2260418 by Writin' Witch O' The South

*Please note that this is my first fundraiser, so any constructive criticism will be much appreciated. Also, share the news if you can :)
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Im so proud...
Here's the newest experiment...I'd absolutely love opinions!

Other World  (E)
In the Other World, things are different
#2260407 by Writin' Witch O' The South

Pssst...1st review gets a suprise...(Don't tell anyone though)
Oooh! I think I get it! I wonder if Im right...Nevermind me, Im fixing to see if my hankering is on point. I got to wait...
Fun. I liked it. See my review.

New poetry!


Love  [13+]
A poem about romance and the condition of things.
by Writin' Witch O' The South

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Ah yes, dark romance. LOVE IT.
LorenIsOneOfMyNames ----> Writin' Witch O' The South

(Y'all trying to figure out who I am)

All Hallows'Eve I love the new name, Perry!
Ohhhhh no All Hallows'Eve I accidentally un-favorited you because Ig I didn't know why I was "following" you! *Rolling* I figured it out though! Cuase your Perry! Duh *RollEyes* Guess I shoulda looked at the username!

RookieTea here btw

I'm thinking of starting a contest, does anyone know how to fundraise for that sort of thing?

Any help would be appreciated :)

Firebrand Times Articles  (E)
News by onery conservatives.
#2243922 by Bride L: FBTNP, SWRF E-n-chief

It's a newspaper that Bride L: FBTNP, SWRF E-n-chief operates. I consider myself a loyal reader and a
super-super-part-time-correspondant-who's-only-done-a-couple-things-but-I-did-design-the-cover. That's a mouthful for a job title though, so I just say I hang out over there :)
Writin' Witch O' The South

Miss Loren is actually the lead anchor/journalist. She was an intern; I aint ever return the girl- folks probably still looking high and low for her- I never returned the dang phone calls... She good and welcome to write under the title when she gets a hankering for it, as long as it gets approved for publishing. She designed the cover in the break room on her lunch break just playing around, and we voted to keep it.
I looove the cover and will begin reading it cause I only read the smallest file? and loved it!

Hahahah Bride L: FBTNP, SWRF E-n-chief I had been wondering where the "bride with a shotgun" had gone is that you?

What you said seemed like it should have made sense but all I got was that is144780 made and awesome cover and it was voted in. She was an intern. And well I think that's it. What was the rest?

Loss  (E)
A poem about losing everything you never thought you'd lose.
#2260233 by Writin' Witch O' The South
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...Dang...Thats darker than the inside of a wolf..
Im fixing to review it soon enough.
I'm just gonna...


Let me know what you think :)
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...Way to leave out the dog folks, hon...LOL.

I hate how GOOD its written. Your writings is always something to write home about. I was fixing to review it, but I aint want to fullblown miss the point and mis interpret the thing.
I was going through a bunch of screenshots that I took last year during online school and ran across one where I thought I made an interesting observation.

"I think comedy and horror are much more closely related than people think, because comedy points out the odd in the ordinary and makes fun of it, while horror twists the ordinary into something "odd" and unsettling, therefore being scary."

Does anyone agree or am I off the mark?
Thanks, Y'all! :)

Begs the question, 'What is "ordinary"?'
Dang girl, you brainy...I like that.
Thanks, Anonymous!
Just passed my permit test...I can officially operate a motor vehicle!
Yeah, what she said on all that, plus don't bother with road rage, it's overrated. *Wink*

Get the h*ll out the way, yall!!!
Im just funning you...
Congrats and all that there!
Yes everything everyone said and...

Ok ok I won't add something else! *Laugh*

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have fun driving it's a blaaaassssttt
Wonderful Job! Anyone who sees this needs to read all of Loren's writing she is aaaaammmmaaaazing!
...She is.
Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a great one! Keep that imagination workin on the double! Again happy birthday!

*CakeB* *CupcakeY*
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thanks! And I'll respond to the reviews later...I've gotta get to school :/
No... I aint suppose to pick up the cake...
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Hi Bride :)
Happy Birthday Writin' Witch O' The South ❤️
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