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I've added a entry to my New book, "Soul's Windows:
         "Softball Pitcher
A trinket for the best of the best fast-clicking trinket collectors! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE

Bride, Shotgun Wedding Reviews I am the harbringer of unfairness. Bow before me.

Besides, it's exclusive, not unfair.
NEVA!..And who said anything about having a clue...
Definitely keep it for yourself Warrior! It was your lucky day!!!
Just went to see my cousins over the weekend, they rented this really cool place...every room was themed like a southern state. (I stayed in Tennessee after rejecting Lousiana because of the Mardi Gras masks, which were totally watching me.) This was the first time I'd seen any of them in 3 or so years, so it was good to catch up. Oh yeah, and I learned how to shoot pool. Not to brag, but I managed to lose every single game. I know, impressive.

(actual game footage of how bad I am)
When its permitting, I LOVE pool halls...Even bought a table. Welcome to 'pooldom,' Miss Loren...Jump in, the waters great!..

*Crowd boos*

Today's Randomly Generated Story: Brought to you by Mario Kart.

Once upon a time there was a man named Waluigi. Yesterday he went to a city called Leicester to meet Sadie, the world's most angelic ibex. When Waluigi arrived, he met an evil scientist named Jotaro. "Hey, Mayor Waluigi! You look like a lined food" said Jotaro. Filled with fright, Waluigi punched Jotaro and made him sign himself until he died. Suddenly, an old gmome approached Waluigi and started speaking. "Thank you, Waluigi, for freeing us from that quite horrible evil scientist Jotaro." Waluigi didn't know how to respond, so he replied with "Excuse me? What are you talking about? I dislike when people try to conversate with me." Before the old gmome was able to respond, Jotaro sneaked up behind Waluigi!! "...Oh my!" exclaimed the old gmome. "Jotaro didn't die?"

"Ehehehe" called Jotaro. "You have been fooled by my masterful trickery; I pretended to die... Now it is time for you and the old gmome to get killed!"

"No way! We're doomed!" screamed the old gmome.

"Hrmm...", said Waluigi. "What if we surrendered and did nothing?"

And so they did that. Within one second they got killed by Jotaro.


Today's Randomly Generated Story: Brought to you by Loren, via her secret talent of pushing buttons.

A long time ago there was a duck named Leo. Last sunday, he travelled to a city named Exeter to meet Paige, the world's most dreary laboratory animal caretaker. When Leo arrived, he met a man named Bob. "My Word, Chairman Leo! I have come here to kill you." said Bob. Using the power of pain, Leo punched Bob and forced him to cheer himself until he died.

Immediately, a tiny man appeared behind Leo and started speaking. "Thanks, Leo, for saving us from that rather horrible man called Bob" "What?" said Leo correctly. The tiny man tried to respond, but suddenly, Bob sneaked up behind them!! "For real?" shouted the tiny man. "Bob is alive!"

"Ha! That is correct..." shout Bob. "You have been decieved by my skills! I simply pretended to die. Now it's time for you and the tiny man to be eliminated!"

"My oh my! Whatever shall we do?!" exclaimed the tiny man.

"I had an idea!" said Leo. "We shall activate my ultra-hidden technique: Pair Of Water Goggles beam of doom!"

Leo performed a magic ritual and created a rain of pair of water goggles and then launched it towards Bob, who got struck by the pair of water goggles and ceased to exist.

Okay, so are you HOMESCHOOLED?! Cause...cause you aint paying attention in class...(laughing emolji)
Bride, Shotgun Wedding Reviews I am currently online learning, so pretty much homeschooling at the moment.
This website never fails to make me laugh. It randomly creates a story for you, try to dramatically read it without laughing.


Here's one:

A long time ago there was a chicken named Mark. Yesterday he went to a city called Carlisle to eat the world's most golden creamy asparagus, oyster mushroom, and thyme fettucine. When Mark arrived, he met a murderer named Larry. "Shucks, Lady Mark! William McKinley was on the $500 bill, Grover Cleveland was on the $1,000, and James Madison was on the $5,000." said Larry. Filled with sadness, Mark punched Larry, forcing him to dust himself until he died.

Immediately, an old man approached Mark and said "You have our thanks, Mark, for supporting us in our mission to kill that majorly evil murderer named Larry!" Mark didn't know how to respond, so he replied with "What? What are you rambling about? I dislike people that try to talk with me." The old man tried to respond, but unexpectedly, Larry sneaked up behind Mark!! "Oh joy!" exclaimed the old man. "He's alive!"

"Ha ha ha?" exclaimed Larry. "You have been tricked by my skills! Now it is time for you and the old man to die to death."

"Hurrah! We're doomed." exclaimed the old man.

"Do not fear! I have an idea!" replied Mark excitedly. "Let's use my secret spell: Empty Bottles laser!"

Mark said some magic words and summoned a sphere of empty bottles and launched it towards Larry. Larry got blasted with the empty bottles and was instantly deleted.

...Aint you suppose to be in...
I shall review your works with the utmostest reviewing dang it! (Give me a sec, I got a couple saved in my continue review thing)
Finally updated the Ides of March cover, now it fits much better!

Ides of March  (E)
The Sequel to March 1st, 2056.
#2245662 by LorenIsOneOfMyNames
Bride, Shotgun Wedding Reviews I'd love you to review it if you want. Also, I talk to myself all the time, and I'm not (all the way, at least) crazy.
Lol...I dont know, you seem really brainy- Yall know those brainy folks be a little "off," (jk) LMAO. Einstein was "off." ESPECIALLY girls- Fun fact: For some alien reason, every girl I done ever dated done been REAL booklearned- Like they can probably take a NASA rocket apart and rebuild the thing. And they all say the same thing but in different wordings: "Why do you always give simple answers to my hard problems ?" And I tell them: "Cause I make your life simple, I do that to everybody."
Thats why I go to work with some of the most uppiest folks on Earth, and they resort to kids around me. I know this one guy who got doctrines and awards out the yin yang, and he comes up to me and points at me and says: "But, I aint touching you." I turn folks into kids.
Bride, Shotgun Wedding Reviews So is that a yes on the review question?
Living on Lois Lane

I have no relation,
My last name isn't Kent,
When I said that I love comic books,
This wasn't what I meant!

Lois Lane is a real place, by the way. It's in Massachusetts. Don't ask me how I know that...
I...I love comics, I...But...*tear*
Bride, Shotgun Wedding Reviews I'm partial to the X-men myself, not a huge DC girl. But when I learned of the existence of this street it's the least I can do.
What if we treated people like the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer treats the toys on the island of misfit toys?

Like, if you're different and undesirable you get complete social isolation for the rest of your life.

That's a dystopia, not a children's movie.
Pretty sure that is the world lol