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I sit at my computer. I'm reading long list of plant names in Finnish and in Latin. The Latin ones help, when one must find a name for a place.
I found names for a few characters of mine. I can't but hope they'll talk to me once they get used to their family and relatives.
I just read about something called "Ooh, shiny!" - syndrome.
I admit...I have it.
Is it under control?
I don't know.
Well, if I get an idea (like I got recently) that character X could be character Y's parent or sibling, I do my best to find out if they can be related in such a way.
One time I thought Q and R were S's parents.
Later I found out R couldn't be S's mother, and that S belongs to totally different family. I put her there.
That led to at least...2 or 3 new siblings (sons) to her and her "new husband". I know at least 2 of the sons have said "I do!". 1 son has the wife I planned him to have. I wonder, if his brother can get his heart mate too. That heart mate thing hasn't been completed yet. But I'm sure I'll find out about it sooner or later.
I just found yet another character's birth family. I think I've found a few others' birth family too. I just haven't had time to put them there.
A name of a book could be: "Roaring of the Stormy Sea".
Some characters' names again. I'm glad I got a few of them clicked in place. Every character I manage to name may be one name closer to my goal.
I just keep writing.
I just want to thank those Anonymous Friends, who've been so kind towards me.
First the Upgrading thing and then all the rest of the weird, nice stuff you did.
So thank you once more!
I can't do much, but when I give little mount of points with feedback, it's my way to say "keep up the good work", be it I usually write it down too.
Lucinda, Thanks for becoming a fan. I sincerely appreciate your interest and I hope you enjoy at least some of my work. Jim Nee
I hope you see this. Using this side of this system is not quite familiar to me yet, so I am still learning the ropes.
I wrote this to say Thank You!
Some anonymous person (I don't know who she or he is, because the person wants to stay anonymous) gave me a huge gift. That person upgraded me.
Thank You, you anonymous friend! I appreciate this very much! I hope you see this, whoever you are.
Just writing and editing.
Hmm...A few characters have found their families, but some families cause me headache. We shall see what happens.
I just found the name for one female character of mine. I also found her future husband's surname, but I haven't found the husband himself yet.
Pondering, who could be the POV - person in certain spot of the story. Which of the 2 men? Leo waits in the car and Brian goes in to get Helen. So far it has been Brian, whose POV I thought I'll use, but I don't know.