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I am so happy! I've struggled with a woman, whose name never seemed to be right. Well, now she has found her birth family and married family! I still don't know her husband's name, but after all this struggle I feel very relieved she has finally found her place among the families!
Someone sent me a strange gift of costumicon. Thank you, whoever you are.
(Wasn't me)The question mark is merely the default when one buys the costumicons. If you click on 'My Accounts" and then Costumicons, you can change the picture on your case. Enjoy!
Excellent costumicon choice! *InLove*
Oh boy! That was a struggle! But once I found the directions, I did as they taught me to do, and there it is now. I sure hope they don't knock it down, especially when I'd love to give them more than just the first chapter.
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
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Awwww, thank you!
Happy wdc anniversary
Oh man! I got more points! From the system of this site! Thank you Mods and everyone! I never expected this to happen. I just gave some feedback the best I could, and maybe some little rewards too.
You don't believe this! An anonymous person sent me 25 points! I can't thank him or her in person, but I can thank her here. So thank you, whoever you Anonymous are! That was very kind. I appreciate it very much.
I had to change the 1st chapter and the name of the story. Now I must fix the rest of the story to fit the 1st chapter. I don't know if I should continue the Calidris situation and let the camera follow Connie until Connie and Charles return to Jackdaw River where they live each in their own address. The other chance is to leap straight back to Jackdaw River, where Connie has her own life and Charles has his own life. I haven't asked about it on the forum.
I found out Grace Elliston, one of my characters, is a mother of one son and one married daughter. I don't know if the son has said the famous words or not. But I am happy I found out she has children, just like I had presumed.
Happy 16th WDC Anniversary!!! 🎈
Well, here I am again. Many families have gotten new members. The most recent case is the Dalston family. A woman, who was born as a part of the Arnott family, married a man of the Dalston family and became Mrs. Dalston. But I still don't know who her husband is.
some time later
The Fossett baby girl got a proper name. She is Dorothy Marilyn Fossett.
I thank you all for your generosity. You all know who you are and why I am thanking you for your generosity.
This is strange!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some stranger gave me 10,000 points!
Thank you, whoever you are! I appreciate it a lot.
I have tried very hard to understand another writing site. It has a bit different rules compared to CC, but once you understand them, you can follow them. But giving feedback is different. I had to change my style to give feedback. The CC - style does not work there. I must give all the feedback as questions. Then the system accepts it.
I have seen others giving an other kind of feedback, and they make it through, but my feedback won't go through if I do not put it in as questions. Oh well, if this is what I have to do, so be it then. The main thing is I can get feedback concerning my writing. So far everyone there have been pretty nice.
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