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This is strange!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some stranger gave me 10,000 points!
Thank you, whoever you are! I appreciate it a lot.
I have tried very hard to understand another writing site. It has a bit different rules compared to CC, but once you understand them, you can follow them. But giving feedback is different. I had to change my style to give feedback. The CC - style does not work there. I must give all the feedback as questions. Then the system accepts it.
I have seen others giving an other kind of feedback, and they make it through, but my feedback won't go through if I do not put it in as questions. Oh well, if this is what I have to do, so be it then. The main thing is I can get feedback concerning my writing. So far everyone there have been pretty nice.
After a very long and exhausting search, I found him! I found the actor for Kevin. Let's hope I can describe him in words when the time comes.
Now it is time to search the actress for Maureen, Kevin's ex-wife. And then I must find the new boyfriend of Maureen. But one thing at a time. I've completely forgotten Maureen's maiden name. Oh well. I'll find it yet. I know it. All it needs it hard work and patience.
Knitting keeps going. One needlepoint canvas got more stitches. It feels great. Every stitch is one stitch closer to the finishing point.
One woman found her husband and in-laws at last! I am so relieved! But Maureen still hasn't found her future husband. I hope I will find him yet.
I dare to say I am proud of myself.
Because of the Ellicott family!
What have they done?
They found their new name and their final place among the families! I knew it all the time Eames was a wrong name for them, but I didn't seem to find the right name until one page of names helped, and that way they found their new name..
Thank you, Anonymous! I don't know who you are, but thank you for the generous gift you gave me. I appreciate it very much.
My trap is back. And hunting keeps going again. I had some HDMI problems, but now they're gone.
Name hunting - again. The very same 3 people, who just do not seem to cooperate with me. Crazy! I hope I will find their family and place and that everything goes finally right and I can go on with the story. As long as those stubborn characters refuse to cooperate, I can't write forward, not that story.
My car is back at home. It had springs broken. Now they are OK. How long? That I don't know. Maybe the back springs will cut off next summer. They cut off last summer too.
Well, I'm glad your car is back home, but it sucks that you've been having problems with it...and anticipate more problems. *Frown*
Schnujo's Cold! :
I am sad too. My car is more than 10 years old. It is neat from the outside. But if those spring problems keep coming every six months, I don't know what to do.
Are you taking your car to the same place? Maybe try another one. I had a place that kept finding 1, but only 1 thing wrong each time I took it in. I didn't ever have the money to fix it, so I'd wait until the next paycheck and bring it in and weirdly, they'd fix that, yet run across another 1 thing wrong that I had to come back to get fixed next paycheck. Eventually after several times, they apparently weren't keeping track of how they were cheating me and told me I needed something fixed that they'd just fixed a couple months before. I told them they'd just fixed it and they were like, "Oh, we must have your car mixed up with someone else's."

Being young and stupid, I went back the next time I needed something fixed. They told me I needed new brakes. I told them they had just been replaced a few months before. They told me that whoever said they'd replaced them lied to me, that they were the original brakes on the car. I told them I'd taken a class and replaced the brakes myself, so I know they were replaced. Again, they said they must have my car mixed up with someone else's. Yeah, I quit going there! *Pthb*
I am so glad the battle with my characters is getting somewhere.
The first member of this new family was Grace, Grace Helen. Finding her maiden name and the married name was easy. Finding her husband was easy too. Finding the name of the husband was a bit harder, but when Grace got me convinced her husband is Michael Donald, I decided "so be it, Michael he is."
Michael and Grace started to speak to me almost right away. I know little about them, but I know for sure they are expecting. They told me themselves. I wrote it down.
At the moment that's all I know about them.
Characters are funny that way. I'm often caught by husband as I talk to my computer, asking a character, "Well if you don't want to do THAT, what DO you want to do? Work with me here, you maddening shapeshifter!" *Laugh*
I know some folks find it really helpful to just write dialogue between characters. Nothing that's supposed to go in the story/novel, but just to get to know them. Maybe have them talk over dinner or fight in the car or whisper in the moonlight or whatever. What do they say to each other? It can enlightening. *Smile*
At least 2 times some Anonymous person has given me that strange thing. I just want him or her to see this. Thank you! I appreciate it very much.
Is it the GP Prank? I love when folks are doing that. Great fun! If you ever want to do it, it's easy. Just send random folks (people on the newsfeed, people online, people who fanned you, people you fanned, whoever) a random amount of GPs and tell them they've been GP pranked. Be sure to click the box to keep it anonymous, though. I sometimes forget that. *Laugh*

Whether it was someone sending you GPs or something else, congrats and I'm glad you appreciate it!