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Lo and behold I've added 3 more items to
Pink Floyd "The Wall"  (13+)
Music Anthology Contest
#2217757 by Luckie πŸ€

"D1T3 Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 1
"D1T4 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
"D1T5 Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2
Look at you! *Delight* Way to go, I gotta read and review these and your new writing I've seen you make! Keep it going! *Heart*
SB Musing I just had to wait until the last minute lol that's how I roll I guess haha

Nothing gets done until I'm under pressure!

Can't wait to see your thoughts!

A little darker than I'm used to writin.

The Subjugated Beast  (18+)
Welcome to an endless nightmare..
#2221548 by Luckie πŸ€
Yaaaayyy! You're back in it! *Heart*
SB Musing

*Music1*"Guess who's back (back back), Back again (gan gan)" *Music2*
Hey, looks like I had the same idea as SB Musing! It's been awhile. Just checking in on ya.
You guys are so awesome! Check my reply to SB Musing on my notebook! No sense in writing the same thing twice, except this: YOU GUYS ROCK! I love that you stopped by, once the semester is done I'll be back in the groove, again! *HeartT**HeartT**HeartT**HeartT*
Hey hey hey! I was thinking about you so I thought I'd leave a scribble in your Notebook. How have you been? I miss ya!
Hey!! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I'm doing ok. Just got tired of staring at my computer screen, so I went to stay with a friend for a while! Aww, I miss you too! I appreciate your concern! Glad to have you on my side! I'm a little burned out what with my classes coming to a close, just can't wait to be done with it all!
My entry for today's "SCREAMS!!! contest

Damned  (18+)
Rejection, at it's finest.
#2220153 by Luckie πŸ€
Sometimes bad things make good people, just like good things make bad people.

A friend once told me it is better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt...this is me removing all doubt: man who stand on toilet is high on pot indeed
Jolanh lol I say that all the time! (The first part, of course. The second part used to be a reference to myself *Laugh*
I once walked around with a banana in my pocket just to have people ask me. Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? To which I would reply as a matter of fact it is a banana
I have been so reserved lately.. Surprise (or not really) I'm in a lull, trying to change my bad habits and I didn't realize the type of toll it would have.

I feel like it's all for the good but I just feel so drained. I can't think! Ugh... I'm still here though!

There weren't any slugs so this will have to do
Chibithulu (Alyssa) I know, I know! but damn!!!! It just had to happen! Time to grow up, ya know?!
I know. That's my goal too. Being in my thirties has really made me prioritize my goals and focus on how I can make myself a better person. And it's difficult. Even identifying your flaws is draining. I just don't want you to get down on yourself if you can't do something as quickly as you think you should. *Hug1**hug**Hug2*
Chibithulu (Alyssa) *Hug1**hug**Hug2* I appreciate your support! I need it, really! It's not my will that won't cooperate. It's the internal struggle, like my body is used to one thing and now it's not getting it. I tried yelling at it to shut up but it won't. *Laugh**Rolling*

Weekly Co-Winner Of β€˜SCREAMS!!!’

The Thing About Devices  (13+)
A retelling of a classic, circa 1960
#2217673 by Luckie πŸ€