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Happy birthday.
Happy birthday 🎂

Happy Birthday, Luckie 🍀 ! *Heart*

Happy Anniversary.
Happy anniversary
Balloons 1

*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
OK ok ok

I'm still here.

Me, too! *Delight* *Laugh*

I'm glad you're still here. *Smile*
Are you? According to my stalking records, you're not.
Happy anniversary
*BalloonG* Happy Anniversary *BalloonG*
You know, I really used to like this website until my blog and most of my stories were locked due to the fact that my membership expired. Not everyone has the money to keep up with such things... I'd also like to mention that the timing was just perfect because I was nominated for a Quill award, and my membership expired right around the time they were awarding people, which put me out of the running entirely.

So, whatever. Peace out WDC...
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They set a reminder to you before a month, telling to renew your membership. You can also get it purchased by GPs. So, you have a month to earn GPs from various contests and newsfeed challenges. Reviewing also gets you GPs. Hope this will help in renewing. *Smile*

And yes, "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group is always there for help.
congrats on the quill nomination, anyway. getting acknowledged means you were doing something right. don't give up on us yet.
Happy Birthday Lady!!! Have a great day and Write On! CPGSteve-0
Someone sent me a pie in the face *Laugh* is that a good thing? Still funny, so, thanks....(I think), whoever it was *Cookie3*
Stash. Cache. A weapons hoard by any other name...
What have you done, Luckie 🍀 ? Why did you give yourself away like that? GOOD LUCK! *Shock2*
Elycia ☮ Happy 2023! it's possible that I'm a glutton for punishment. Oh well!
Make that 2 pies in the face in one day *Cookie5* *Laugh**Laugh**Laugh**Laugh**Laugh*
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