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I just want to wish you an happy account anniversary!
Already 4 years at WDC, that's AWESOME!

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Hey everyone! Really sorry for being away. I did not forget about WDC; instead, I got pretty sick over the weekend and I'm still trying to recover. Not the most exciting of weeks...
Just returned from a ridiculous weekend! My flights home were cancelled both Saturday and Sunday! Finally got home today (Monday). Anyways, sorry for my absence. I will update my campfire tonight and get to any additions later as well.
Back from the dead! Hope everyone is having a great start to summer! :)
Back from the dead is right! How are you doing man?
I'm doing incredible! Thanks for asking! I definitely missed the entire community here! Looking forward to getting reacquainted!
Welcome back, dude!
Whoever gave me the upgraded membership, thank you so much! You have no idea how grateful I am! I promise to make the most of this gift. *Smile*
congrats pollo..glad to have you back around. We all missed you!
Yeah same happened to me recently... People are just so nice :)
Now that this crazy semester is over, I am anxious to get restarted! I have a Campfire ready to go, so check it out and let's get this started! (My other campfires are currently on hiatus as we get back into it...)

Welcome back Mark! I never thought we were going to see you ever again.
Thanks! Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!
Just curious, are there still people on here? It seems like everyone has disappeared. Show of hands of everyone still around?
I'm around but I've been having terrible writer's block for the last while.
I've been wondering the same thing... I'm still here on the weekends if that counts :)
i'm always around...popping up when you least expect me...:P
With Unexpected Guests coming to an end (yes... already), I wanted to let you all know that I have been working furiously on a new campfire idea! It's a Murder Mystery game show, which of course means Pierre will be making a reappearance as the dashing host! It's taking alot of work (and time) to plot this whole thing out, so be ready!
In the past month, I see that giants, shrinking people, and humanimals have taken over the Campfire page... smh... haha
I've always found it odd that shrinking seems to be so popular... Not that I'm judging or anything, but I don't understand it. :P
They took the interactive stories long ago, now they're coming for the campfires. Om Nom Nom
I for one am glad that the GTS/shrinking fans are overflowing with potential as i myself write stories about that stuff. I think what really started the whole GTS/shrinking trend on Writing.com was a Writer named Rollnkutter who created the "Shrunk by" interactive. So many people on the GTS/shrinking fan-base loved his work so much that they came to him for advice on how to make great GTS/shrinking stories. They even went as far as to use his rule set at the start of his interactive for themselves in their stories. It's not that hard to miss it if you look into those kinds of stories. Most of the time it's just the same rules with a few minor edits here and there. It's a shame he left the site a while back. He and his stories will be missed.
Ahhh! Back finally! Life is still busy, but I missed you all way too much! In the past month, I've picked up a counseling job, programmed a video game (animation and coding... fun stuff!), and began recording a cd. Anyways, I'm looking to get my campfires rebooted as long as everyone is still interested. I've missed you all!
dang..you have been busy...glad to have you back pollo..:)