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Hey all, (if I still have fans, I'm truly grateful) for anyone who's been wondering or waiting on the follow ups on my interactives, I'm sad to report that I'll leaving the writing game for good. I've been spending time with my career in graphic design and the fire to write has been flaming out overtime. Over the past few years I've gotten two degrees and I'm still trying to fill my dream of working for an agency that could use a graphic designer in world.

I'll be posting news about where you can find the Goddess and the Dreamer stories, as I've reworked both of them and will probably host them in some different fashion, more on that later, but my account will probably be gone by the end of the year.

Thanks for reading if you did, and again I appreciate the support I was given way back in 2007 when I started this.
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Maybe I'm taking his flames for writing.🤔
New Series Name: The Goddess and The Dreamer. Made since after realizing that this story is more about giantess interaction, which was unexpected, but I like what's it's become, so the name change was needed.
I finally was able to get a chapter done for GCD 2. It's been exactly a little under a year since I wrote a chapter. I happened to finally get a chapter written. Safe to say I'm committed to writing again.

Blake, Friendly Thinker, if you see this, I'm back and ready!
How would 18 trigger her 'special feature'?
I'm honestly not sure XD I'm focusing back on the main series (X)
hmm, visit with bulma?
Greetings to all. It's felt like a lifetime, but I'm trying to ease my way back into writing shape. This past semester beat the crap outta me, but I completed it today. My skills as a graphic designer have improved greatly in the 3 years I've been in college. Hopefully this creativeness fuels the writing. I'm also drafting ideas for GCD 3. It may or may not involve the death of a main character, (hint: not a villain) But It'll be good. Just need to get back to writing. GCD2 again.

Anyway just wanted to check in. PEACE!
Guys. Is it me or are we getting old?
As long as you can stay fresh! I'm always able to see what tone the story should go into next and what not but I'm confident that things will be back on track. F. thinker beat me to it, but there are many good pcs out there, you'd have many options.
Actually Im in for a laptop, and If I get lucky I might get a powerful one (Alienware). Regarding the story, at least from Blake and my characters, yes, things will get only better and I have some cool things in mind, I havent told anyone not to spoil XD.
we are olddd :c
Any of you guys alive? School's been busy for me, but I'm just checking in.

I have 3 weeks til summer break arrives. Grades are looking grade, and my degree in the Graphic Design field looks closer than ever. Things are starting to shape up here. Can't wait to hear from you guys. it's been a minute.
Yeah, and letting you know, finally Im working on chapters. I was busier than expected but i think ill have some decent free time from now on.
After thursday, I'm off for the summer. I'm pretty much ready for what's headed my way.
Out of Finals Guys. Finished the Spring Semester with All As except Math. But other than that I'm free and ready to write again.
Finished the Chapter....left a cliffhanger....
Great Chapter F. Thinker.
I'm the win of epicness.

Hey there Fellow Writers. I've noticed I've been on this site for 5 years. Finding it randomly during high school as a freshmen. Now I am a sophomore in college studying graphic design. How time flies...any case, I an still young. Got a lot of writing left in me. :) thanks to the friends I've made. It's a hobby I've enjoyed doing. It's better that you can share it with others!
Till then, I look forward to working with you guys more.
Any idea on whose is writing at this point?
Sorry about my long absence. I'll resume writing soon. My current chapter is about half written lol
Lol. It's ok. And yeah I left it for Blake to takeover, F Thinker.
So, I finally made a very important chapter in the GCD2 Story and the Series, and it explains the origins of Jak's Omega Powers. Le Link is below if you want to read it.

I read the chapter, but can you explain it to me the origin?
Basically, the Omega Bloodline is a mystery, but Jak has the qualities that allow him to use these rare powers. Little is known about it, as it's not really know beyond All the details were that, 'Thou dreamer with pure heart and kindness shall be chosen to undertake an Omega power; that shall be used to rid the earth of scared and unimaginable evil.' Those were all the details that were known among the high angels.
Chapter is done!
hmm, i thought his part was while during the road trip and they were at the beach when hollows appeared?

was that write?
So even more writers join in the main story?
Well, i know that he wanted to join and i asked a friend of mine to join; but i need to back to him soon with an email.
School's here. 2nd year. Will be better than the first. I had a decent summer, but not as great as 2011. My classes for the fall are very scattered. I have a huge 4-5 hour break on Thursday's so I can donate to writing it.
F. Thinker, I'll continue to write the storyline I started on your interactive, "A Special Story."
As for other stories, GCD 2 is coming along good, and I'm close to recovering all the chapters for the GCD 1. So stay tuned!
Ok. just do the best you can when you have time
Hey Guys, other than writing on here, I do have a lot of skill with Abobe Photoshop (4 years) and a little with Abobe Illustrator(A half year since I'm still learning it in college)
But if you guys want I can make some photoedits or awesome backgrounds. I also make logos....so let me know if you want to me to do something.
Like, Jak, I'll do my best and give you a good effort!
Just finished the chapter. Released it a few days late, (Just got this new job working at the Zoo,) But my three chapters are done.

Blake, Friendly Thinker, and Pen, It's Showtime, let's continue this epicness that is known as: Shrunk with your Girlfriend/GTS X.
What was mine? chopped liver?

No, but I haven't added it lol. Actually it's good too except for the semi-spoiler
i don't think its a spoiler. the semi-spoiler would be using it in a "dream". or its a surprise waiting to happen.
I found a way to get my old chapters back in the first story of my GCD Series!
Who says old emails can't help you?
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E-mail text win :P
Hello people. Good News to everyone. I'm almost done with my freshman year of college. (Flew by fast,) and now I should be able to write more.

I know I say this every summer and I end up not doing it, but I'm sticking by my promise this time. I will make it my mission to at least be on 2x a week to post, add, and write on here.

Email me if you need or want to reach me.
Oh nice. College isn't really as super bad as people make it.
It isn't, but vacations for me suck (2 weeks between tetramesters)
ah that is rough.
But worth it!
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