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hey, I wish they wouldn't try and monetize further. We pay our money and they want more. We have a great system here, people love writing and reading other people's works. It's my opinion though that if they try to monetize us further, we will revolt. The company exists to make money. The idea of the website is to further the knowledge and interest and push people to become better writers. The company is trying to further monetize and make money off people that don't even have a career yet in writing. They can't guarantee you a contract but want to make more money off you now. They are trying to further monetize this site, with no compensation to you.
I'm sitting here wondering when or if anyone will get notified of winners of contests! I've never gotten and email telling me who won a contest or who lost. No notifications at all. Why would I keep entering contests if no winners are chosen or people notified?
Which contest are you talking about?

If it's the official contest, they announce the winners over at "Site News & Announcements by tagging them. They won't notify anyone who didn't win.

If it's the contest run by members on the site, it's the same thing, they usually announce the winners either on the newsfeed or in the contest forum, again by tagging the winners and / or the winning entries.

I don't think anyone practice sending email notification to announce the winners.

Although I do admit there are some contests where the leaders open the round and never choose to judge it for whatever reasons but, before you enter the contest, you usually check out the activity in the forum. If you see it looks like forgotten, or if there hasn't been much interaction, you can either ask if the round is open or simply move to another one. There are a lot of active contests you can choose from.

I hope this helps *Smile*.
Right now I'm working on the first part of the trilogy of "Illithis" Queen of spiders. 10K words and counting. I have all the story in my head and reviews of it so far have been amazing. If you would like to review it, I would love to hear from you!
#2160136 I will just say the reviews so far have blown my mind.
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I had to bring this down to 800 words for posting with news agencies. I'm surprised they took it at that length rofl. Its a wonder I can do Twitter at all.
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The most messed up site ever but the only one. New item, Quotes, how messed up we are when we read them.
Waiting for the response to my Sun submission.
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Ideas of what AI should be
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