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Poem of the day:

Though my eyes seem closed,
I can still remember your soft gaze,
I feel the warmth inside of me,
and can feel my heart brighten.

Through the longest of days,
Through the darkest of nights,
I can still feel the evening light.
This is a poem I wrote for my boyfriend to show him how much I love him.
Hello Writers!

I'm new here and need some help with some stuff. I want to join a campfire story with my friend but we don't know how to make it where I can join. I sent a request but we don't know how to accept it. Please help


You said you sent a request to join the campfire. Did you do it through the link at the bottom of the campfire? I would think it would then send your friend an e-mail, but maybe a notification.

Here's a link that might help some. It's from the Writing.com 101 area (up at the top on the right side). https://www.writing.com/main/books/entry_id/701111

It talks about how she can invite you. Maybe that will work better? Good luck and, again welcome!
Time to fly!

Howdy friends! I need help. I need ideas for character names and a storyline for my new story and I trust you guys for help. My story is A Dragons Talon, meaning it is about dragons. I need some names for character and a plot. I think I know the main character's name, Eclipse. She is a moonshine dragon that is the last one of her kind. She meets other dragons on a quest but I need names. I also need a quest T^T.

Please help. My mind is killing my imagination.

Leave your response and names for characters in the comments below.
Shadewing the slightly forgetful shadow dragon.
There are lots of generators online for plots, names, etc. You can try there. Maybe a dragon called Hobo can turn up at odd times throughout your story and either offer surprising help or cause mischief or even offer foreshadowing statements. It's more a subplot, though.

Starturn and Fireturn are twin dragons are who are constantly bickering and offer some comedic relief with stupid names they call each other. They are also very curious and often getting into trouble, then either blame each other or totally deny having been involved with something they obviously were. Like maybe the house the group needed to go to is accidentally set on fire while they are having a contest to see who can breathe fire the farthest. Then when everyone realizes what they did, they can say they weren't even breathing fire, they were only pretending, when everyone saw them do it. Again, it's a subplot, though.

Shadow's Edge acts like he's helping, then at the end, turns out to be a bad dragon.

Josseth, Kolspin, Lankin, Chiltess, Aria, Celeste, Hayven, and Chaliss

BTW, don't be discouraged that you don't get a lot of responses. Most people never look at the community newsfeed. (When you click to see the newsfeed, the default...at least once you fan some folks) is the Personal Newsfeed. You only see the people you have fanned. When you click Community Newsfeed (on the bar just below where you post, at the top before the newsfeed part starts), you see what everyone has posted. Since most folks don't do that, they only see when their friends post, not newbies and other folks they don't know. Once you start socializing, making friends, fanning folks (who sometimes fan you back), etc. you'll get more responses. *Wink*

Make a poem that honors a loved one who has past for this celebration. Put the Poem in the comments down below please

I look to skies and remember as I see the stars shine, that you (My grandma) are always watching and would never want to see me cry. I may not remember much from my past for now, but, I know one thing is true. You never saw me frown in front of you. I cherish your memory dearly and hold it close to my heart, for I know you are always there for me even if you feel far apart.
To my mom, who died of cancer when I was 8 yrs old on Halloween:

Although I bring flowers to your grave, you live forever in my heart. Someday, you will meet all your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I wish you could watch them grow, could've watched me grow. But such is life, and damn to cancer. 28 years old, with three little daughters, is too young to die. I still miss you, at 63, and feel like I'm still your little brown-eyed girl. *Heart*
To my dad, gone 5 years already.

Dad, something profound I must say about that night when you passed away. A few days later we visited your grave. What we saw left us agape. A silver balloon rose from your headstone, floated upwards all on its own. Was that your final parting gift? We're all thankful for the life you gave us.
Oh, I'm not good at poetry, but I would like to say something:

Grandma, I love you. You were a good, intelligent woman with a lot of heart and I know you'll never understand why I did the thing that I did, but I hope you forgive me.

Thank you for sharing this space ShinyLycan27 .
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