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Hay there. Happy 15th anniversary. Hope it's a good one.
*Confettir* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 12TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, MOON VOYAGER! *Cake* *Confettip* *Confettiv*
I miss my Father

I understand... *Cry*

I miss my Dad (Abbu). I sometimes forget he passed away. I think he is still around in this plane of existence.Then I remember he is not. I am trying to get used to life without Abbu. It is hard. I feel waves of lucidity, followed two minutes later by a crash and burn hyperventilation, palpitation and flashes of feeling my heart ripped out. I love Abbu. I miss him. I Hope Allah Almighty gives my Abbu all and everything in Heaven.
I miss Abbu; having tea with Abbu is one of the things I miss the most.
So sorry.
On the 24th of February around 5 to 5:30pm my father passed away. I miss my Abbu (Dad) a lot. I feel a giant chasm and an open chain of landmines combined has crashed on my soul. It's been very difficult for me and that is why I have had not the right mind to come to WDC. I am going through the most difficult/complicated/insane time of my life. Just wanted to inform others. Take care everyone.
Losing your father is most painful. I am praying for you MV.*Heart*
Our thoughts and prayers with you. Losing a parent is not easy, but please remember that you will get through this.
I wasn't sure whether to respond with a comment because I know words can be the least helpful thing for you right now, but I wanted to share some advice I learned in your situation a few years back.

Take each little thing as it comes, one at a time; be thoughtful of yourself (as it's all too easy to neglect number one right now), and try to live as deliberately as possible - meaning, whether it's a major decision or just descending a staircase, your mind will be distracted and your body tired. Place your feet carefully, figuratively and literally, and I promise you will start to see those trivial little joys in life sooner than you think, and those add up to the bigger joys with time. Don't be afraid to face your grief, and most importantly - write, or sing, or paint or anything creative you can do. It will see you through this. God knows, it did me.

Take your time, let yourself heal, and we'll be here when you're ready to return to WdC. You're in our thoughts and prayers, MV. Be well.
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For your promotion to "Preferred Author"

Your case looks great in YELLOW!

Warmest regards,

Sisco. *Heart*
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Thanks a lot everyone who were so positive about this promotion of mine :D
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Welcome to the club!
Don't forget to wear your new club "jacket."

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You're yellow! Congratulations! *Bigsmile*

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Congrats on being promoted to yellow! Its a wonderful feeling and color, isn't it? Welcome to the group!
Sometimes I want to look at myself in the mirror but covered in colourful bandaids from head to toe as though I am both bruised or healing but also a modern aesthetic