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New name and restarting your blog I see. Good to see you back.
It's long over due... I think...We will see how it goes. I need a change. Writing seems to be that change...or not...lol
Welcome back ...
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Hi Lutz

How are you? I haven't seen you around for a long time.

Are you hiding? I hope you are good.

*ButterflyO* Wishing you a happy spring. *ButterflyO*
Hi Glad. I'm around just dealing with a bunch of personal crap at the moment... Have a sick kid who seems to have a mystery illness the doctors can't figure out..... sighs....
Oh my God.

I will be praying for that and hope your kid gets well soon.
Happy Near Year. Hope it's great! *Heart*
look at you go! *Delight* nearly 50% and well ahead of schedule. Nice! Keep up the great work and Go Team Gold!
You can do it Lutzy! 1500 words per day to go! Or just sprint off those last 3000. You can do it!! *Bigsmile*
already did it... hit my 50K but not done yet .... grrr
hey lutzy! just checkin out your port.... I see you are on the same team with me for NaNoWriMo Write-a-Thon! Awesome! I look forward to getting to know you and cheering you across the finish line with the rest of team Gold!!
Hello! Another team gold member here. Nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you as well....
I am thinking we need a proper meeting-place...
ooooo I'm adding to the drama :D SCRIBBLES GALOREEEEEEEEE I have 500 characters to work with and I DONT know how to use them :D... ok well maybe I do but the point is I *Heart* you! kinda funny how the whole e:heart takes up characters but really only uses the space of like 2.... I mean really.... thats not nice... what if I needed those last two or three spaces to finish a word... I mean what if I was writing something and it stops in the middle. just picture it for a sec It would look like t
heheh pum. you do crack my up. *Heart* I soooo love the scribbles.....
heyy there. speaking from my little new blue.
Hi little blue. hehehe
Heh what a fun day..... NOT!!!!
It's better now jannie... with lots of smiles.....:)
*Pawprints**Pawprints**Pawprints**Pawprints**Pawprints**Pawprints* *pounces!*
meep...*falls over* not how it was supposed to work...*sweats...and smiles*
Sweats? ummm okay .... makes you sweat more..
something's very hot in here i think......
Boo! Hello stranger to my notebook.....
just coz I don;t comment doesn't mean I don't look, after all I am know for being a spy
Oh spy spy, spy guy.... hugs
Belated Happy Birthday!!! *Bigsmile*
Thanks... LOL
*Balloonp* Happy WDC Birthday!!! *Balloonb* *Bigsmile* Hope you are having fun!
*BalloonB* to the bestest person in the world!
Sweet thank you for that...... hugs my friend
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