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Working on the second book in The J.E.T.S. Equation Fantasy/Sci-Fi series. While I'm doing that, I wanted to share a quote that hangs over my writing area.

"If it is to be, it's up to me." - William H. Johnsen

Many times this has pushed me forward when it would have been easier to quit. As a writer, what does this quote mean to you?
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Well, to me, I guess I could say that it means just what it says....
If anybody's going to write my....(book, poem, whatever) then it's got to be me, because only I know what I want to say on paper.
Just finished chapter 12 and 13 of my Fantasy novel - THE J.E.T.S. EQUATION - Sitnalta.
Things are getting very, very, intense...

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Crossing The Chasm is now complete.

Catch the first Five Chapters of my new Epic Fantasy series,
The J.E.T.S. Equation - Sitnalta - The Guardian.

Atlantis is dead...but her Daughter-Cities live! PREPARE for the Triple Rising...

Part Seven of Crossing The Chasm is now finished.
Just added part six of Crossing The Chasm to my portfolio:
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Crossing The Chasm Part 5 has now been added to my portfolio:
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