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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Waiting At The Back Door  (E)
Salesmen, politicians, even police, come to the front door, but friends to the back door.
Recently we have heard of the tragedy of suicide striking the rich and famous. Much worse, it seems to me, is when this horrible event strikes closer to home. The loss of a young life devestates family and friends. While each circumstance is unique, I believe that these troubled souls lose track of just how much all lives are intertwined, as well as the Devine help available to them.

The Suicide's Prayer

Dear Lord God, thank you for the life you have given me,
Thank you for the people with whom you have allowed me to share this life.
Thank you for allowing me to share a part of the lives of others.
Thank you for the wonders and miracles which you preform for your children every day,
And thank you for the blessings you have given me this very day.
Thank you for your boundless love,
And help me to be worthy of it.

When the darkness of despair sets in, counter it by giving thanks to God for the very wonder of life.
Happy 2nd WdC Anniversary!
I have been working on an item for contest "Invalid Item. I am at the phase of completing the first page of the novella (word count 300-400 words). The objective is to "hook" the reader into wanting to read the entire story. After several false starts, I have arrived at a final draft. I would appreciate a critical eye, if anyone is interested.

The novella is "American Crusade and this particular entry is "Entry - First Page - American Crusade

The primary question is: Does this work to interest the reader in wanting to read the story? Any other feedback is also appreciated. Thanks! *Delight*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
The Unwritten Word  (13+)
Brief scenes which can be used to at some later time as ideas for stories.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
Sin  (13+)
Goodness diminishes

Experimenting with fonts.
An amazing thing last night. The weather was typically terrible when my son drove out to visit his friend. We were experiencing snow squalls, heavy wind gusts, and a wind chill of about 35 below zero. Going down a poorly lit road after 10 PM, he decided to drive slowly because of the poor visibility in the blowing snow. As he crested a hill, there was suddenly an overturned SUV directly in front of him in the road. He was able to stop in time only because he was going so slow. He jumped out and ran to the wreck. He said that his stomach sank when he saw the two infant car seats visible in the back seat.

A screaming woman had a baby in her arms. On the other side of the vehicle, he saw a man desperately trying to get into the back window. The man said the second baby was still in the car, but he couldn't feel his hands, and he couldn't get to her. My son, laying his back, worked into the dark interior, and reached the baby. She was still strapped into the car seat, and was dangling upside down in the overturned vehicle. He was able to extricate her, and had all four come into his warm vehicle to await emergency workers.

The people in the vehicle were an husband and wife and their twin 15 month-old girls. They had driven up from out of town to visit his mother. He asked if he could use my son's phone to call her. The emergency responders arrived, followed by another vehicle. It was the man's mother, who lived only about two miles away.

My son recognized her immediately: She was the aunt of the friend he was on his way to visit! The man in the wreck was his friend's cousin!

The most amazing thing was that no one was seriously injured in the wreck, although the roof had been crushed and the windows blown out.

While they had been waiting for the EMT's, the babies' mother had commented on how sorry she was for wrecking the car, and my son told her "That's what insurance is for. Everything that can be replaced is out there, and everything that can't be replaced is safe and warm right here."

I am very proud of the way he handled everything.

I agree with Angels in my Ear He was truly an angel sent to help this couple. I am pleased it all turned out well and I expect the couple will not forget your son. I saved a toddler many years ago who had got out of his garden and was wandering on the main highway. His mother is my friend to this day. *Starfishv*
Wow, you sure have an awesome son. I also believe that angels sent your son to save them. And comforting the woman about having insurance and that it would take care of everything is such a wise thing to tell her.
Yes, I think that Divine Intervention can take many forms. We never know when we are acting as part of a greater plan. In answer to Angels' question, he is 29 (my youngest). He and his wife spend four hours visiting with everyone the following morning.
Happy Holidays to everyone. I am finally able to return to the site following what could only be called "a series of unfortunate events" (to borrow a phrase). I want to thank everyone who left reviews and encouragement during my absence, and I would especially thank Story Mistress & Story Master for the wonderful Christmas greeting, it was a much appreciated ray of sunshine! I hope all of the novelists here had a spectacular November. My plans for the immediate future are to tie a string on 2014, put it on the shelf, and open a fresh chapter to the book of life.
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awsome. if you are looking for somthing to do.

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Wow! What a week! We had a storm on Sunday, November 2nd. We had a large tree come down and damage the house and garage. We lost heat and power for 4 days, and we still don't have phone or Internet. May not have them until the 12th. I am posting this on my phone. I will keep an eye on the site, but postings will be limited.
Yikes! I certainly can't "like" all the troubles that have come your way; but, I can offer a *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* and hope everything returns to normal soon!
Just north of where you are. Only lost power for a day, but it was a crazy storm. Biggest first storm of the season that any of us here in The County can remember.
Sorry to have been absent this week, but I have had a little adventure with the local hospital. They are great at what they do, but you reach a point when you just have to get out of there. I'm back home now, and hope to get back to more activities here. *Delight*
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