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Hi, MoW! *Heart* You haven't been around lately. *pout* When can I read some more of your awesome chapters? I think you're totally awesome. *Wink*
*You find a mysterious balloon. Written on it: Thank you for always being yourself.* *Balloonb*
Yeah come back to the YA group MoW (I am the group's official stalker -so move over Lilly the Pink). Are you still gardening? Where have you been? Bring back Bonez (chants).
I'm back, but not officially until Monday. Bonez probably won't be back, I haven't decided yet. My next book will be "Memaw Mertel's Magic Manor", if I ever finish Stone's. hahaha
Haha I love your title that's gold! It sounds like something you wrote for Cheerbear.
It will be for kids around her age. The main character is Emmie, who is twelve. If I ever get around to writing again, that is. hahaha
Hi, MoW! **giggles** I checked your port and you're an awesome writer. Do you mind if I become your fan? I see you're friend with Jay and Kurt already. They're my favorites! *Heart*
hahaha It seems you are already a fan, so I guess it's all good.
Didn't even know what this was, but yay! I have scribbles. hahaha
I need at least eight fans before I'm famous. *Wink*
Hehe, I have a habit of commenting, but not adding myself as a fan *Bigsmile*
You can always add yourself as your own fan, like Kurt did. Then you'd have eight already. *Bigsmile* Would that make you feel more famous?
Mow!! Where are you? Hurry up back, mate :)
Good to pop on in here buddy*Smile*
Hey hey hey! Second fa is always the best *Bigsmile*
Hi, MoW! I'm the first one to leave a message in your brand new notebook. *Bigsmile*
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