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Just came across an account called The Slide Doctor LLC on here (was going through Read& Review and this item popped up). Complete with locations of operations, address and phone number, it reads like an ad for someone in the business of installing and fixing slides. Based on this, are we allowed to advertise our LLC's on here? Just wondering. Thanks.

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No. The site does not offer free advertising to other businesses. Per the User Agreement, which you checked that you had read when you joined the site, spam is not allowed. Which doesn't mean people don't try. Typically multiple accounts like that are removed every day.

If a business wishes to buy advertising space, the appropriate contact information is in Contact Writing.Com from Writing.Com 101 .

Also the proper place to ask questions about how to use the site [and to report spam accounts] is "Technical Support Forum.

Reporting that particular account has been taken care of.

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