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Something new. Thought I should start writing again.

 Desert Rose  (E)
An encounter on the edge
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Just posted something new...

 The Guide  (E)
On a Winslow Homer painting
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HBD Cupcakes

Have an awesome day filled with all of your favorite things!!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
The first thing I have posted in over two years that didn't just come out of my hand written archives!

 Twilight in Georgia  (E)
A walk to remember
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Okay, as many of you know, it has been well over a year since I have posted something new.

And to tell the truth, this was last modified by me back in October of 2015.

But I felt the need to post it. Hopefully, I can use it as my firecracker to get back into writing.

 Quorum  (E)
Making hard decisions
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It's Back! After a year and a half away,

 From the Ground Up! Course Description  (E)
FTGU Course Description

is returning to the New Horizons Course Offerings!

Keep your eyes peeled for the sign up, as classes start January 14th!!!

Sign ups should be open by the 7th.
I loved FTGU! I wish I could take it again.

But no . . .
Looking forward to the class.
Was that underwater basketry class a spoof on me or real? I am gullible.lol
No, I once taught underwater basketry. I have done it both in a lake, and in a YMCA pool.
*Heart* Happy 7th WDC Anniversary, Marc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Heart*

Seven is a VERY good number. Some say it is divine. Maybe you're gonna have a divine year ahead, whatever that means. *Wink*
Thank you!!!

I am back, sort of...

To all my family and friends in WDC land, I will try to be more involved between now and when life gets put back together. I am still in Texas, and will be for a little over a month still. It is going to be a long road, but one that is valuable to the people and the environment of the gulf. Will all the attention on Puerto Rico, and they need it, please do not forget that the people of the entire Gulf and South Atlantic Coasts are cleaning up from this storm season as well.
Not sure who is around. Sorry I have not been here, but I am deployed for hurricane Harvey relief. Be back when I can!
Stay safe!
Thank you!!!

What is your favorite soccer team?
Playing soccer. Watching it isn't quite as fun for me. *Smile*
I've just addedan item to my portfolio:
 Someone's Little Girl   (E)
A chance encounter

I think I want to focus more on short stories this year, and will hopefully be adding more like this soon. Tell me what you think!