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Happy 7th WDC Anniversary!!
Happy 6th WDC Anniversary!
Happy 5th anniversay MARCI.....haven't seen you on here for ages....hope you are okay *Heart*


On your WdC Anniversary, your friends here (including me) are thinking of you... *Heartp*

We hope to "see" again you soon!

"Happy 5th WDC Anniversary, Marci!"
Happy 5th WDC Anniversary! Is it just your 5th? It felt longer. How are you doing? Hope you are doing well. It's been awhile.
Hey Marci. Just saw your handle in my favs and thought to stop by your port. Haven't seen you for a really long time around. I miss you and I'm sure many others miss you as well *Suitheart*. Come over when you can.
Hey Marci - I'm just stopping by your port to say HI *Smile* *Heart*

I've stopped by here looking for word as to how Marci's doing. Like many others, I've been praying for her.

Today, I got this message from ~Minja~:

"I spoke to her on facebook few days ago. She said she's doing okay. She's home, recovering, doing physical therapy.,"

I'm reposting her message here just in case others like me are checking Marci Missing Everyone's Notebook hoping for an update... *Heart*

Happy anniversary.
*ConfettiP* *ConfettiP**ConfettiP*Happy 4th WDC Anniversary Marci. Hope things are finally going your way in the real world. *Heart* *ConfettiP* *ConfettiP**ConfettiP*
*Confettiv* Happy 4th WdC Anniversary, Marci! Hope you're doing well! *hugs* *ConfettiV*
I am so cute He Marci, I hope your dreams come true and we see you soon. *Heart* You are so missed *Pencil*
Hey, my friend, we feel your absence already, and you've been really missed. *Cry*

I hope you are fine and get well soon.
Sending prayers and hugs for you. *Heart*