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I just wrote this poem after a pretty stressful week. I'm feeling somewhat vulnerable and raw... so what does one do .. WRITE!!!! #2255249
How do you learn to move out from your own shadows, embrace your ability to write, and believe in yourself?
Self-doubt among artists is normal — nobody thinks less of my writing than I do myself.

That being said, should I allow that to stop me from writing? I Won't and I Can't, just as you shouldn't let self-doubt stop your creative process. What's inside must come out, in whatever shape or form it emerges. Will it ever be perfect in your eyes? Most likely not. But, it will never have the chance to grow towards perfection if the seeds aren't planted.

Things that have helped me;

Reading other people's stories, poems, and tales. Seeing how they did things. Asking myself how I might have done it? Would I have made it better or worse?

Reviewing and being reviewed. I have learned much from both sides of this coin. Sometimes the best lesson is what to embrace and adapt, and what to politely ignore.

Editing — don't be afraid to put it away and return to it later for refinement (always save the old draft off-site if need be). Before Beethoven settled on the opening motive of his 5th. Symphony (Da Da Da Dahhhhh), he filled THREE PAGES in his notebook. If it works for him, we can make it work for us!

Most important? Remember the world doesn't need another Shakespeare, Hemingway, or King.

But, there's plenty of room for Elska Hugrekki .

Write On!

I wish I knew. Sometimes, no matter how much you practice, no matter how much you grow or how perfect your work becomes, you still are not good enough for you. Perhaps it has nothing to do with skills or talent or quality (There’s little objectivity when it comes to art. It has to resonate with the consumer to be appreciated. There are no great books; only books we read at the right time). Perhaps all the artist needs is therapy.
1) Be a good beginner. Acknowledge you don't know everything. Be willing to learn. Don't let your inner voice tell you you're dumb for not knowing something or making a mistake. Even if you've been writing for a while, when you're learning/trying something new/editing be a good beginner.

2) Acknowledge imposter syndrome is a thing.

3) Acknowledge you are your own worst critic.

4) Acknowledge you can't please everyone.

5) Acknowledge you can't please everyone, but consistent feedback about the same problems means you need to go back to #1.

6) Acknowledge our lizard-brain actively tries to sabotage us. It wants to keep you safe from harm, including emotional harm. To do that, it needs you to not do new things. It wants you to stay in a bubble. A big, comfy, routine-based bubble.

7) Now tell your lizard-brain to take a hike because you need to talk to your creative brain.

For reference, I'm still reconciling #6 and struggling.
Welcome to the WORLD of Writers. There are many such worlds, yet, I can recommend this 'world' to supply all your needs to become a person of words. Enjoy, all is a walk in the park - the light and the dark.

Here are some things to check out to help you get acclimated:
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"Noticing Newbies Newsletter (November 4, 2020)

Everyone here is very helpful, so feel free to ask questions, anytime!
*Heartp* *Coffeev* Kindest Regards, Lilli *Coffeev* *Heartp*

Once I seriously start writing again, it can literally feel as though I've opened up a fast-flowing source of deep consciousness and insight. Somehow transitioning from being a mere mortal to some type of conduit between 'creative thought' and expression. I don't know about you, but everything I see, feel and touch is viewed through a deeper creative lens, a deeper sensory appreciation and understanding. I just have to balance it with work and being a parent. I would love to write full time, however, that is not my reality. Having said that nothing (apart from myself) is stopping me from organising my days and nights to create 'space and time' where I am able to ruminate and write. Oh, that and shutting up my ego, as it willfully whispers 'you can't do this, you're not a real writer ... " ... to which I say "Oh yes I am, I'm a resilient fighter!"
I am new here .... I'm hoping to improve, or should I say 'hone' my writing skills, as well as try and connect with other writers. So hi ....
Hello and welcome. Feel free to ask any questions.
Based on Izzy's Writing's Newsfeed post -- "Note: Hey, @ published writers! Have you publis..." -- you may want to get into contact with her.
Hello and welcome!
Welcome Elska, to the wonderful world of WDC. I hope your journey is amazing and that you make new friends as you progress with your writing career.
Alexi *Heart*
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