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How to Survive Disaster
I am engulfed in the controversy about the American President, Trump. Reading the rules associated with impeachment, I see that the Senate has the final say as to whether an impeachment "trial" will occur. The senate even has the power to leave the proceedings incomplete, thereby adjourning the proceedings before the final vote, which will be to determine if the President is to be removed from office, unfinished. The Senate can simply and essentially stop the proceedings before completion.

I cannot but wonder who wrote these laws and what was the intent when the American Constitution was penned. How is it that only the Senate has the power to remove a President from office? Should it not have been a majority vote including the House of Representatives as well as the Senate? Would that have been more democratic and more representative of the Will of the People?

Bias seems to be sown into the very fabric of this nation, designed to create a permanent imbalance. Its disheartening.

But alas, all is not lost. The sentiment of the populace and the desire and will of the people can sway the Senate to act justly and completely, or face the wrath of the voters.

We must express our beliefs and concerns by voting for local elections each and every time the opportunity presents itself. For it is the Will the People that will rule out.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/maryp