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having writers block :( how do i over come it ? i have no idea
Read. Read your previous work. Read your favorite authors. Read something by someone that you’ve never read before.

If you don’t feel like reading, game. Video games are amazing fonts of inspiration.
Sign up for a study degree, preferably one that's a few years long.
You will toil and stress through the entire thing, wishing the whole time that you had more time to write.
Inspiration will flood in from every side, but you won't have time to develop any of your ideas thoroughly.
Eventually, your studies will end and you will finally have time to write about all of the great ideas you accumulated through the years.
Unfortunately, money will be short now that you have stored student debt. You will have to work, and so your writing will be put on hold yet again.
As the years pass, you will think less and less about writing, but it will always hold a special place in your mind.
One day you will realize that all of your dreams and ambitions have led you through many unsatisfying endeavours. What is the meaning of it all? - you will ask yourself.
Starring into the night sky, a thought will come to you:
Whether or not you write, whether or not you are read as an author, you are part of this beautiful universe.
Peace overwhelms you as it never had before.
You reach for some paper and a pencil and, finally, you write perfectly.
There is no block, for you no longer write from within, and so nothing holds your writing inside. Rather, you write from without, and your thoughts spread as far as time.

Hope this helps!

im not really sure if anyone will read this but i think this is mainly for my peace of mind need to get my thoughts out some how
I have been very busy lately a lot has happened me and partner of 10 years are getting married in April 2017 i never knew how stressful planning a wedding can be now i know why wedding planners get so much money they need it . i didn't really want a wedding planner really i couldn't afford one so i took it on myself with the help with some friends and family we started trying to create the wedding of the year on a very low and tight budget understand what goes in the making a wedding happen with cars suits dresses and shoes hair makeup the list goes on and making every one look there best is a massive job but we found everything we needed and then i got some news that crushed my world my mother is really ill and she may not make the wedding she suffers with bipolar its a very nasty illness and makes the best of people lost and broken and think horrible thoughts my mother has been ill for along time at the moment my life has been very busy 2016 has bought me alot of happiess but then alot of sadness i just hope my mother gets better and everything with the wedding and my writing goes fine being a mother myself i find it hard to find quite time to let myself grow as a writer my biggest dream was always to be noticed as a good writer and i know that doesnt come over night it takes time and some times i get writers block which is so hard to get out off its actally really annoying when you know you have some lovely stories to share off but your brain just wont let you get them out i didnt realise i was rambling on i am sorry or anyone who took there time to read this but thanks

Wishing you a very special wedding day with the hope that your mother will also be able to enjoy it. My thought is don't get stressed about non-essentials. Some of the most beautiful weddings l have been fortunate to attend would never have reached the social pages but were characterised by feelings of love and goodwill.
Have a great day.
Thanks for clarifying why my wife and I went to Vegas and got married on the street in front of the Bellagio *Laugh* Hell, we didn't even tell the kids until the deed was done LOL
thank you all for your kind words i wish you all a happy new year and happy writing x
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