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Eugene : I'm sorry, you are?

Raymond : Oh, I'm sorry. Raymond Blossom.

Eugene : You gonna hurt me?

Raymond : You asking because you're afraid or because you want me to?

Eugene : Just trying to plan my day.

I now know how this feels... I'm just trying to plan my day!
I had a girl in college once drunk dial me and ask me if I was going to hurt her after she dropped me off at my apartment. Never heard from her again.
Congratulations on your promotion to Preferred Author, Kevin!
You look fantabulous in YELLOW!

*Star* Yay! You look so good in Yellow! Congratulations on your well deserved promotion. *Cool*
Congratulations on being promoted to a Preferred Author! *Cool*

Congratulations your yellow!

Mastiff is a Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo. 5th October 2020

Alexi quill
Know what sucks? You're a chef... glorified cook. You can make anything for the family. Shrimp po'boys? No problem! Then the chef cuts his own damn finger with his best knife. Eat me, 2020...
Sounds like a few of us here are not having a good day/night! Hope you're okay! *Smile*
Ya, that sucks. I got into a fight with my mandolin a few weeks ago. The physical wound healed, but when I pulled out the mandolin again yesterday, the fear returned, lol.

Hope it's not a serious cut!
I lost my last WdC bookmark when I came back from Austin. I'm sure I'll find it in a random book someday. But I got an awesome present in the mail. It's a very cool travel mug. But also included were three bookmarks, a pen and a felt tip! How cool is all that? Happy 20, WdC, may you have many... many, more.


By the way, Schnujo and Annette are both awesome for having great challenges that keep me writing!
Is it strange to be awake while everyone sleeps? I've been up since 4 A.M. Pacific, just editing. It's very quiet, except for snoring, but I get work done. Anyone else?
Wife made coffee at 7:00. I grabbed the first cup... it was darker than her witch heart, and she cussed me for taking it. Now I'm very awake. Oh, and she wants to go to a zoo.
Sounds like a story-in-the-making, Cerberus Mastiff!: A witch's brew and a trip to the zoo. *Smirk2* Now there's a prompt for October!! *Witch*
Well, some of you have contests! You may certainly use this as a prompt. In fact, I may write about this event that is more than likely to happen.

The best part is the deer and goats who run around in the place. They know you have a waffle cone full of food, and they want some!
I got to writing yesterday, but here's the crazy part. I'm working on two stories of different genres (Sci-Fi and Murder Mystery) at the same time. I keep going back and forth between them. Do other people ever do that? Or maybe I'm just very strange.
No one who knows me would ever question that!
*Smile**Hand* ~ Guilty! I do it, too.
See? I knew I was strange! This proves it!
Has WdC ever considered self-publishing a collection of short stories or poems? There is a heck of a lot of talent here! Half the proceeds could go to the writers and editors and half could go to the site in one form or another. Just a thought I had this morning in that crazy time between sleeping and being fully awake. *Smile*
Hi Cerberus Mastiff! I found it:
2018 WDC Anthology Information  (E)
All you need to know to submit to the 2018 WdC Anthology- DEADLINE 7-31-18
#1935520 by Fynspookular!
I don't see a link to purchase book, unless I missed it.
there were anthologies in 2012, 14, 16. the 4th one will be out son, renames the 4th WDC Anthology.