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I just found out I worked with Edward Norton's grandfather. Yeah, I'm that old. Still, cool to know!
Can you loathe something that you are? I mean, imagine for instance you're a certain religion. Can you hate it, but still live by the rules? I am, and always will be... a person who lives by certain rules. I really don't like others who say they do, but do not. Is it okay to truly hate them? I tried, this weekend, to talk to a group of them. Are they all fakes? Maybe not. Do they know the truth. No. They didn't want to listen. That's the worst part...

I am, and always will be... it's a shame I can't have a friend.
People can definitely be difficult. I'm sorry about that. *Frown*

But we're your virtual friends. That's better than nothing, right? *Bigsmile* I like to think I'm better than nothing... *Think*
You.. are wonderful. It was just a really rough night.
Apparently, I'm an "unmitigated officious asshole." According to my brother from my high school... I know it's not 2017, and yes, you know Las Vegas, but really?
Lol I have 3 sons and hearing them fight I'm not a bit surprised by such insults. I bet he'd miss it if you weren't how you are.
My wife said y'all need to keep checking my writing to make sure I'm not just typing, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over. *Smirk*
You type it once, copy & paste after that, tell her.
Not on an old Underwood you can't!
I found out today, from the newspaper at noon, that my department was being considered for "restructuring." What my boss failed to mention all morning, was that included the elimination of my position. Not only did my boss fail to inform me, she ran away and won't return calls. I packed 8 and 1/2 years into my little car, but I'll wait for a pink slip. So will my attorney.

Silver lining? I get to write more!
That totally sucks! *Frown*

I got a personal message from SM. Badges? I don't.... kidding love 'em. Just a good day.
Love you Smoothie sponsor! More people need friends like you. *Smile*
I still think I'm on the 31st, but no way I touch my port and change something! Lots of contests!
What a week-end! Aside from taking the big mastiffs to the vet (with the help of my soon to be daughter-in-law), I've just been reading, writing, eating, and having fun! We even found video of my son rappelling at Army BCT!

I just finished the 10th of ten short stories for WDC Sountrackers Musicology Anthology. All done but some edits! Seriously, folks, if you dig music and writing, put this group in your favorites list. Very challenging, but worth it.

Musicology Anthology  (13+)
An annual music-themed contest that challenges you to write a collection of short stories.
#1377819 by Jeff

I left this song for last. The contest is for you to select an album that has meaning to you, write a little about it, then write a story inspired by the songs on the album. That's why this last one was so difficult. I know the meaning and the history of the song, and it is not a pretty one in the least. I had to deconstruct it and set it all in a genre far away from truth.

Now, I'll submit to:

I Write in 2019  (E)
Write and review once a week for all of 2019
#2173943 by Annette

If you aren't part of this, let me also suggest you check it out. At the mere cost of one review, you in turn get a review, trinkets, MBs, and it's all stuff you've already submitted! How easy is that?

Between the Soundtrackers and Schnujo's:

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join our challenge by entering a contest at least 12 out of 13 months. Win Badges!
#2109126 by Schnujo Won NaNo!

... I probably have enough to finish all 52 weeks, but don't worry Annette I promise I won't! *Smile*

Y'all have a great Saturday! That was three shameless plugs in a row!
And if anyone cares, (because I can't post in I Write until Monday...)

Kiss It Off  (18+)
Some things are sacred for different reasons. (WDC Sountrackers Contest)
#2191181 by Mastiff
Don't forget to nominate them for a Quill! *Bigsmile*

2019 Nomination Form for Quill Awards  (E)
Nominate someone for a Quill!
#2145930 by Elle

No need to nominate "The Contest Challenge, though. I think it's already been nominated. *Smile*
Congrats on finishing the Music Anthology! I keep listening to my chosen album but haven't managed to spit out a single word yet.
Since I didn't get any responses, I'm just going to ask a general question. I used a character, first name and a description only, from a novel written awhile back. My favorite, actually. The story is wholly mine, but the idea for the piece made him perfect for it.

I know it isn't plagiarism, or I don't believe it is... but is it bad form? I could easily change the name and perhaps some physical description, but I kind of like the idea of a little shout out to my favorite book.

I appreciate any comments, and thanks in advance!

If you're curious, you can read it, but it is quite a ribald tale.

Fat Man in the Bathtub  (18+)
A very sticky situation! (WDC Soundtrackers Contest)
#2191130 by Mastiff
According to Merriam-Webster --
Definition of plagiarize

transitive verb
: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (another's production) without crediting the source

intransitive verb
: to commit literary theft : present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source

[*Up* quoted and cited -- not plagiarism.]

So far, your character usage sounds like it does qualify as plagiarism.

There's also the issue of copyright violation. The character belongs to the original author. The original author holds the copyright for anything derived from the original author's work, and any proceeds resulting from the use of the character belong to the original author. Such as whatever you might win in the contest, or any GPs you might receive with reviews of the item.

There's also the issue of the user agreement for Writing.Com.
You're only allowed to post work which you own the copyright for. Using someone else's character means you don't own the copyright (unless the original work is in the public domain).

Also, posting derivative work here doesn't qualify as personal use only. The original author can file a Copyright Infringment Notice with the site and have it removed from public access.

You can read more about copyright in the book referenced at the bottom of the site's copyright policy (Writing.Com Copyright Policy from Writing.Com 101 ). Your library probably has a copy of it.
Thank you for all the advice! I removed the name and changed all reference to his appearance. Not he's just a random obese guy, and has to be for the story to work. At least I know where the inspiration came from! *Smile*