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Happy birthday, Kevin!

Enjoy the ride!

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Happy birthday 🎂

Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Is there a new page that lists all the open contest anymore?
Here are three that I like *Smile*
What should I do?  [E]
A listing of activities, contests, groups, etc. around WdC
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Writing Contests @ Writing.Com  [E]
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Happy 5th WDC Anniversary, Kevin!

May you enjoy many more years of friendship, fun and creativity!


see above.

Happy 5th, Kevin!
Hope all is well with you!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

Happy anniversary 🎉
I always thought I could train a dog. I was wrong then and I'm still wrong. Unless it's a MWD, or a really trained guide dog. It's a dog. My big thing was "with." If I said it, the dog went with you.

Now I have Jack. He is an awesome dog, but he is our dog. She told him to go with me. Now I cant shake him...
Lucky you! You've discovered: "The Perfect Love *Laugh*
My Chihuahuas are excellent people trainers
HM, he will absolutely steal your covers.
I just took my untrained dog to the corner store. I wanted a beer. First, she said he couldn't come in. I said, you tell him that. Next, he had to be on a leash. I said, he's a paying customer. We got beer and a hot dog.
Does he get an allowance and where does he keep his money? You don’t have to answer. *Laugh*
No, I pay for him. He does have a collar with a pouch on it, but that's for his poop bag!
I used to think I could train a dog. I can't. My hope is my dogs listen to me when it's important. Jackson, my rescue from a few years back, does on occasion. I often wake up early on weekends, and take him to "his" park. If it's 5:00 am, I can take him off leash. STREET! That's the most important. I don't care if a car is coming, but I rarely have to use it. He stays on the sidewalk until he gets to the park where he runs and runs ... and poops.

So we're on our way back. Now Jackson has a harness, I have his leash, but no one is around, so I let him go. He won't go more than thirty feet from me, probably a mastiff thing, but a cop pulls up behind us. Says my dog needs to be on a leash. I said he has a harness, I have the leash, but no one is around. Didn't matter.

I call the dog. "ME"! He comes. I hold out one hand, palm up, he sits. I did not train him, we just worked it out. So I said, what leash is better than that? Just put it on him ... once I'm gone, do whatever.

Jack hates the leash. Maybe that's why he listens so well.
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Sounds like you and Jack listen to each other well! (If only all dog "owners" understood it's a partnership you have with your pets.) I'm impressed he was so agreeable in the presence of the police officer - that's awesome, he knew, didn't he? *Smile* Have you read any books on dog behavior (as opposed to "training"? I can recommend, if you're interested. Cheers & happy walking with Jackson! *HeartV*
I always wondered. What in the world would make you ever first smoke crack. I've asked a few addicts, they don't remember. All they know is how much the high means to them.

Then I recalled a time when I'd just buried the best dog I ever had. I was a mess, but some girl was hitching a ride. I took her all the way to where she was going, because I wasn't going to do anything but drive around all night anyway.

She said, "Come in, I can make you feel all better. Then even better."

I was married and said so... and no. And it was crack, not meth then. Is that how it happens?
I got a 9mm.

It was in my face a few months ago. Someone here talked me out of it. Someone from here.

I may or may not have much more to say, but I still can. Thanks Bama.
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I'm glad you are still here. We're all here for you.
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