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Eclipse, April 8 2024

A picture of today's eclipse taken with my flip phone. It's blurry and doesns't do justice to the experience. There were a few high-altitude, hazy clouds, but we had a terrific view. We could even see Baily's beads--little beads of light at the rim of eclipse during totality that are due to sunlight shining through mountains on the moon.

We had a great view from the backyard of the B&B my daughter rented in Dallas. Well worth the trip.

My second total eclipse, and third overall.
That's mind-boggling – an almost unreal shot!*Shock* So glad you got to see that.*Delight* The first and only (partial) eclipse I've seen so far was 1999 at home in Germany, short before my 16th birthday. We extra bought those weird UV plastic glasses.*StarStruck*
That's cool! I was in Southern New Jersey. We only had ~87% totality. Still with the protective lenses it was quite the sight.

Thank you for sharing this picture!
Looks awesome!
Updated my webpage this morning, attaching Amazon links to the covers of in-print titles back on the front page. Amazon used to provide a graphic link that included the book's cover, but they helpfully eliminated that feature last December. Now all they give you is a short link to the title's listing. Anyway, I uploaded the covers of my in-print books and used the now-text-only link to their listings on Amazon. The new page is here  , in case anyone is interested. Clicking on the covers opens the full-graphics Amazon page for their listing in a new browser window. The difference is that the cover itself is now stored on my website instead of Amazon's. Most users won't notice the difference.

More in the "in case anyone is interested" category: the old graphic link that Amazon used to provide used an HTML command (<iframe>) which lets web page designers embed and execute code from an external website. This opens a potential security hole which hackers could exploit, and so it gets flagged by most browsers. Thus, I guess the "new way" is better, or at least doesn't generate warnings when people try to view the page.
Nixie Martell cheerleader - It's when you get toward the end of Act Two, and everything starts to look like crap and you're bored with the characters and plot. There are ways to push beyond it, but they're not always successful--at least for me.
Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 -Oh, I understood the meaning of that phrase. I thought it was clever. Recognizing when it's time to abandon characters and plot saves inner turmoil.
Believe it or not, short story writers fall victim to the middle muddle as well, LOL It just happens earlier in the grand scheme of things. I love your term for it and I will definitely be using it!
Wonderland Going Down The Rabbit Hole 2  (E)
My book for Alice In Wonderland Going Down The Rabbit Hole Again.
#2313422 by Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox
I am one step closer to being White/Red Queen. I have been in The Rabbit Hole. I know you will wish me luck. Happy Writing! Always: Megan
Dear Max,

Down The Rabbit Hole  (E)
My Aventures in Wonderland
#2313324 by Chrys O'Shea

Please join me as I tumble Down The Rabbit Hole.
This is my final entry in response to the challenge posted in "The Soundtrack of Your Life.

While this may make you want to sing Hallejuh  , I hope instead you "Get Happy

*Heartrainbow**Smile*I hope you've enjoyed this sequence of blogs as much as I've enjoyhed writing them. *Smile**Heartrainbow*
*Smile**Heartrainbow*In any case, I hope you all get happy!!!*Smile**Heartrainbow*
Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 - I wonder how many performers were in that reprisal of Hallelujah that you initially posted. Hundreds?
Nixie Martell cheerleader - I'd say a couple hundred, at least. I actually heard a peformance of the Messiah in the Morman Tabernacle a week before Christmas. It was, I think, 1984 or 1985, and I'd given a mathematics talk at BYU that week. My host took me to the performance. It was awesome.
Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 - I can't imagine hearing that in person. What a wondrous memory.
The next-to-last entry in "The Soundtrack of Your Life, the Buddy Holly classic "Everyday
One last song today for "The Soundtrack of Your Life. This one is Paul Simon's "Bridge Over Troubled Water
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Nice pick. *Smile*
A fourth, and final, song for today in "The Soundtrack of Your Life. This one is "Over the Rainbow.
Still catching up on "The Soundtrack of Your Life . This one is McCartney's "When I'm 64
Catching up on "The Soundtrack of Your Life . Here's a new entry: The Pete Seeger song, "Turn, Turn, Turn
Today's entry in "The Soundtrack of Your Life} is the Laura Nyro classic "And When I Die

You probably know it from the release by Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
Another entry in "The Soundtrack of Your Life, the Dusty Springfield classic "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Another entry in "The Soundtrack of Your Life, "This Land Is Your Land. Woody Guthrie is a national treasure.
Another entry for "The Soundtrack of Your Life, this one is Simon and Garfunkel singing "Richard Cory

There's more in the blog, only indirectly related to the song. I tend to ramble in my dotage.
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