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MANY thanks to the anonymous reviewer who improved the teaser in my draft query packet. You're AWESOME, whoever you are!!!! Thank you!!!
That might have been accidentally me. My bad. Not for the review. But the anonymity.
Mystery solved! Azul is the awesome one.
More doodling around here...i just added two cinquains to my meager poetry folder. Not great, but maybe amusting...
"The Worst Thing and "Like Candles
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The Worst Thing is so true. Well said. *Smile*
I'm going to stop messing with this. Thanks to everyone for all the input and suggestions. For this doodle, I've added rings to the planet, a shadow to the planet that extends over the rings, changed the sky a bit, and made the abs guy more prominent. Thanks again to everyone!!

BTW, WDC seems to reduce the resolution and size graphics. For this reason, some of the nuances on the planet and rings may not be fully apparent in the above graphic. Therer's a better view of the evolution of these doodles on my blog
Cover doodle for Cabot's Cove
I love it! The planet, the abs, the font, the nebula, the way the jacket flanks the abs, your name is prominent over the abs…lol This is so good! I know it’s β€œjust” a β€œdoodle”, but you did a fantastic job here! Look at you, Mr. Man o’ Talents! Congratulations on getting it the way you want!
This is perfect! I love the changes you made. Great job!
Well done! I appreciate that you ensured the light source for the guy and the planet were the same. Making him more prominent is always a good choice. *Hungry* *Laugh* And I totally love the word "Murder" now. Great work!
My next For Authors newsletter is due next week. If you've got a topic you'd like me to write about, please drop me a note here or via email at Max Griffin πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ .

Hi Max, thoughts on imposter syndrome would be interesting - if not for this letter but another one. It would be interesting to see who feels it and why, and what people do about it (or could do about it).
These are all great ideas! Thank you! However, I think this month I'll write something about detective novels since I've been writing them lateley with my colleague Alex Morgan . It's interesting how many common features of detective novels have their roots in three stories by Edgar Allen Poe.
You could do cozy mysteries after that. *Bigsmile*

You can also do something about software that helps you write--anything like DragonSpeak, Plottr, Scribner, etc. Lots of options. And many give a free trial during NaNo. *Wink*
OK, I'm back with cover doodles for my WIP "Murder on Cabot's Landing. I've got two, the main difference being the photo of the guy. Many thanks for all the awesome feedback on these.

Cover 10 for Murder on Cabot's Landing
Cover doodle for Cabot's Cove
I much prefer the font on the first one. And I gotta be honest, I prefer the abs to the face. *Rolling*
I definitely love the white outline. Great idea! I had thought of outlining it, but being of limited creativity, I only thought of black and decided that wouldn't work. *Blush* Luckily, your brain doesn't live in the same box. *Laugh*

I feel like there's more mystery with the abs, but am not opposed to the face being on the cover. I think these are such wonderful options, you aren't really going to go too wrong from here on out, IMO. *Bigsmile* But if the romance is a big part of it, romance novels are known for abs. *Wink* Though as I've mentioned before, if you put the face on the cover, I still vote for the abs on the back...or perhaps inside as a tasty little intermission. You could start a trend. *Rolling* Seriously though, if you opt for the face, it's not a wrong choice. *Smile*
Having his face fully hidden adds to the mystery, I think. But that might just be because I'm firmly on Team Abs. *Rolling*
Many thanks for the excellent feedback on my cover doodles. Based on the comments, here's what I've come up with so far. People generally disliked the orange planet, so I reverted to blue one and added rings. I also dumped the seascape and just used a starry sky with a pink nebula fading to black at the bottom.

This SciFi novel has a complicated plot revolving around a locked room murder, but also features an m/m romance. The theme involves the conflict between doing one's duty and following one's heart.

Cover Doodle for Murder

For reference, here are the two previous doodles
Murder at Cabot's Cove Cover Idea for cover of Murder on Cabot's Landing
FYI, I'slightly revised the cover yet again, making the sky and the planet better. Thanks again for all the comments. Everyone has been really supportive and helpul. It's much appreciated!!
Cover doodle for Cabot's Cove
Ooh, I really like that last one, Max. Good color! *ThumbsUp*
Okay, that last version looks like a sci fi romance where you can expect at least one of the main characters to be a bit of an anti-hero. *Laugh*

My small feedback is that I preferred the way the planet looked on the first version (the one that didn't have the guy on it). The rings were more subtle and it faded into the background just a smidgeon more. But I do understand that these are drafts to give to an artist, and not the final versions. *Wink*
Eventually I'll finish "Murder on Cabot's Landing, and then I'll need to give the cover artist an idea of what I'd like. So I doodled around and made this today. The guy is how I think one of the characters should look, and the Jupiter-like planet is supposed to suggest that it's SciFi. Thoughts--remembering that this would be an idea to share with a real cover artist.
Idea for cover of Murder on Cabot's Landing
I think the above is better than one I've currently stuck on the chapters
Murder at Cabot's Cove Cover
For me, the first one suggests a more character-focused story whereas the second one suggests a more plot-driven story. My preference is for the second one in terms of visual appeal.
I'm late to reply, but here's my thing: I like the guy in the top cover, but not the water/rocks next to him. I'd do the black background as it is in the one below instead. The color of the orange planet needs to be deeper, darker, or it's going to look a bit like Tatooine *Smile* So maybe the Jupiter from the bottom cover but keep the stars/galaxy from the top one. Gee, aren't I just too helpful? *Facepalm* Yeah, I get kinda involved. Sorry. *Bigsmile*
I agree with Elle (she/her) . I like both, but it depends on what you're going for. The first one, for me, is a little crisper with its straight lines and the man's face. I also agree with Buddhangela, Ghost Of Coraline in that the planet needs to be a different color. That's what I didn't like about the first one. I thought it was the font, but now I think it's the planet. If I had to choose from the two without making any changes, I'd choose the second one. Good luck!
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Wow, Max! Fifteen Years!

Happy Anniversary with Billie Crystal

Cheers Sue
see above.

Happy 15th, Max!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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Lookin good, Max! *Bigsmile*
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