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Show, Don't Tell Contest  (18+)
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#2162666 by Max Griffin πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

The September round is now open with a new prompt. Every entry earns 2000 GPS, and the winning entries earn awardicons, merit badges and GPS. Showcase your abilities at this important skill. The contest is limited to ten entries per round, so reserve your spot today!
I've written a short (1600 words) Halloween story. The publisher called for a story that had an element of Halloweens-in-the-past, and this is what I came up with. it's based on some real history: October, 1918 was the deadliest month for the Spanish flu, and college dorms in the US were sometimes pressed into service as temporary infirmaries. I used that to create the urban legend about "Halloweens in the past" that appears in this story. While this is technically a ghost story, it's really a love story. I'd appreciate comments, so if you want to read it, drop me a note and I'll send you the pass key. Thanks!
The Selfie  (18+)
Halloween in the time of COVID
#2230810 by Max Griffin πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ
I used to hate texting, but I just discovered a new google service. I blogged about it here:
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Happy 13th. Hope the next 13 are as fun as the last 13! Happy writing!

Happy belated 13th WDC anniversary!
Happy 13th WDC Anniversary

Keep Writing!
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Welcome to the WDC TEENAGER club! *Delight*
Blue Light Special  

I'm pleased to annouce the call for submissions to a new anthology illuminating the LGBTQ experience.

A blue light tells you something special is about to happen in these modern-day folktales about the LGBQT experience. It might be ghostly, or romantic, or spiritual, but we guarantee you won’t see it coming.

We specifically invite LGBTQ authors to submit, but will welcome submissions from all WDC authors. Click on the above banner for more information and to submit stories.
I hope you get loads of great submission, Max, and I look forward to reading the anthology when it's published.
I disagree with several assumptions stated here as fact, but so far, no one else has addressed the elephant of the inappropriate disrespect.

I assume the contention occurred when some people didn't read the note accurately. Nonetheless, on what grounds were they objecting to what they thought it said?

In my opinion, those who volunteer to foot the bill and do the work of running a thing like this have every right to specify any rule they want, whether it's about who can submit/enter, or what the topic can or cannot be, or where the bar is set for quality of workmanship -- and their choice of what to encourage to grow is nobody else's business.

On a broader scale, there was a similar situation four years ago in the newsfeed, where someone raised objections about a topic-restricted contest: "Note: Details: "Limitless Y...". Anyone who doesn't agree with the rules someone else sets for running something, can check SM's comment at the bottom. And anyone who wants to remember where to find it next time it's appropriate to reference, can save the note.
What's the deadline for submissions? *Smile*
Do you have a story on WDC that's inspired by a folktale? My upcoming WDC newsletter will be about folktales, and I'd love to highlight your story. Please send me a link! Thanks!
How about one based on Robin Hood?

The Hooded Man  (13+)
Lady Marion meets the Hooded Man in Sherwood Forest, but discovers he has a dark secret.
#2099244 by Robert Edward Baker


there are so many classics Vasilisa and baba yaga, the story of the flying head. The Story of the legend people...
Awww, that story is brilliant! Heh, I’m loving a lesbian storyline. We need more.
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Show, Don't Tell Contest  (18+)
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#2162666 by Max Griffin πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

The July round is now open for entries! Check out the new prompt.

Showcase your skill at showing as opposed to telling and earn merit badges, awardicons, and gift points. Every entry earns 2000 GPS. The contest only accepts ten entries, so reserve your place now.