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I've posted part two of my blog about building a new computer. This one's a bit long since I go over the various components in some detail.

I've decided I need better graphic capabilities on my home office PC, and plan to build my own system. I plan to blog   about the experience. This first entry answers the question, "Why build your own system?" Let me know if this is interesting!!
I'm not tech-savy at all, but if I could learn something (anything!) about the process, I'd consider it interesting.
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Angus , it's really not all that hard to do the actual assembly. You just kind of snap the parts together. The harder part is figuring out what you need, and then finding parts that all work together. It's MUCH easier to do that now, since there are tools to help. That'll be in my next blog post.
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I'm not really into it, but I know some people are, so I definitely say you should write this. Sure, there are things on the internet that probably address a lot of what you will, but they won't have a person behind them that people can communicate with, compliment, ask for clarification from, etc. Even though it's not my area of interest, I think it's a great idea!
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Short Story Lair  (18+)
Read the prompt. Pick a genre. Submit a story by the last Wednesday of the month..
#2189388 by Max Griffin ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

Well, giving people a week to write a story seems to have been too...aggressive. Since there were only two entries, I've decided to make this a *monthly* contest. The current round, which started last Friday, will run until the final Monday of this month.

I've also added an additional prompt in the form of a photo. That gives authors a choice of both prompt and genre.

Hope this generates more entries!!!
Oh, might I also pass along some advice from a wise pair of eyes with a kind voice to read the instructions carefully!

You should include at the beginning of your story
i) the word count
ii) the genre
iii) the prompt used

Thank you Carol St. Ann for saving my story from disqualification!
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Max's Lair

Brand new contest! Read the one-sentence prompt. Pick a genre. Submit your story by Wednesday evening. If Max likes yours the best, your story gets an Awardicon and you get a Merit Badge.

Awesome! Thanks Max!
So, instead of, you know, working today, I wasted an hour building a word doodle based on my photograph. But still, it's kind of kewel, don't you think?
Word Doodle of Max

Clever and very cool!
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Love it!
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Pretty awesome, Max!
I'm impressed!


Show, Don't Tell Contest

May, 2019, round is open! Every entry earns 1,000 GPS. Awardicons and merit badges for the best stories. Show of your skills at showing the action. Contest is limited to ten entries, so enter soon while there is still space.
I'm considering launching a new contest. Feedback appreciated.

Max's Lair
Looks terrific!
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Go for it, Max!
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(I hope it's all right for random people to comment?) I saw this while I was scrolling through the newsfeed. What an awesome idea! *ThumbsUpL* The contest is well-organized, with clear rules. Running it once a week is an amazing way to keep people writing and creating.
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Playing with photoshop...wondering if anyone might be interested in using something like this?
Author Logos  (18+)
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#2188953 by Max Griffin ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ
Is this something we would 'buy' or will you give a class on how to do it?
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Probably not a class since it's mostly using stuff built into Photoshop. It seems to me the first step is to gauge interest. Perhaps eventually I might do "auctions" to benefit charities here on WDC, but so far there doesn't seem to be much interest.
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I think it's a cool auction item--Different. But folks would probably want it combined with a thing that everyone wants like an awardicon or MB(s). I know I bid on MBs! lol
My friend and WDC author Alex Morgan just published a new novel. I've read it, and it's quite good. It's a SciFi/Mystery cross-over, set in Oklahoma. It features murder, a Renaissance Faire, and romance. The psionic detective, Ian, uses his powers and good, old-fashioned detective work to unsnarl the storm of clues and solve the crime. This novel is in the best tradition of SciFi/mystery cross-overs like Asimov's detective/robot series. Highly recommended.
A Faire Day for Murder: A Psionic Corps mystery
Product Type: eBooks
Amazon's Price: Price N/A
So, cool! I remember reviewing it for him many *Moon*s ago. Glad to see he published it! Congrats to him. *Bigsmile*
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I added it to my list! It sounds very interesting!
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Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds pretty cool. Putting it on my list.
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*Delight* Yippeee! About time! Congratulations on your QUILL AWARD! *Salute* Well deserved.
Thank you!!! I'd forgotten all about this nomination.
Congratulations to the winners of the March, 2019, round of the
Show, Don't Tell Contest  (18+)
Show Don't Tell Contest Message Forum
#2162666 by Max Griffin ๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

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*Balloonb**Balloonr**Balloong* March 2019 Round *Balloong**Balloonr**Balloonb*

First place to "A Day In The Life..."   by Carly - Happy Spring!
Second place to "Daddyโ€™s home"   by Sumojo
Third place to "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
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