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I wish you an happy account anniversary!
*Balloonv* Happy WDC birthday! *Balloonv*
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Still working on Dark Moon Harvest and Wicked Bedtime Stories! Haven't made up my mind where to send DMH especially since it has 6 other books that I'm thinking about writing to follow it. My childhood friend who is an artist is interested in illustrating my children's books so it looks like I will be working on those as well! ~Live to write, write to live~

It's your 8th WDC Anniversary! And while I couldn't stop by and give you a nice WDC Anniversary Review, I couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging this important milestone. Happy WDC Anniversary!


What the heck is this?
Hi McKinzie, these are updates which coorespond with your notebook in your portfolio. So basically, instead of running around to all of your favorite authors to read their notebooks and check in, those posts are shown here on one page instead. Have fun! Smile
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/mckinziesheart