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Apparently being home sick is good for my Prepping. Offically DONE!
You signed up for the NaNo Write-A-Thon?
No. I don’t do NaNo. My brain can’t take the pressure with everything else.
Hey, mods! Had a friend just rejoin WDC after MANY years away. How does she set her bio block? The directions I found are really old.


Taggin for help!
Lt. Storm Machine , W.D.Wilcox , Prosperous Snowwoman , Robert Waltz

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Write it out in long hand. Stick it in a stamped envelope then mail it to yourself. Then when it shows up, open it and read it out loud. After editing, go to your computer and click on the gear *Confused*
Glad to see KatKat is finally back. She doing Prep?
Thanks, y'all. I forgot to post that we figured it out before I crashed for the night. It's all good now.

Showering Dutchessbarbie. , I have no idea. She knows I'm participating, but she might have plans. Guess we'll have to see.
Thank you and congratulations!

"Note: They came, they ran the race, they conquered! ..."
Enjoying my favorite band while wearing my PJs. Will be glad of the chance to see them in person next year.
I have about... 75K GPs that I'm looking to give away. Give me your suggestions!
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RAOK is always looking to help someone on-site, so I'll bet they would be glad of a gift.
Hey, y'all. I need help. I'm working on a contemporary YA that takes place at a summer camp (think archery, hikes, arts and crafts, swimming). But. I need a camp song! I don't want to recycle something, I'd like something new.

I will give you credit and put your name in the acknowledgments. (I earn no money from this publication.)

But I need help!
What is the name of the camp?
I'm go-ing on a linehunt
but I don't care
I got my bullets at my side
and something something!

No joke, you can tell I went to camp way before it was no longer good to say 'bullets'. And it was a real song we sung in the bus on the way, but I can only remember this. It had this stupid sing song quality to it though, and you like slapped lightly your thighs with the enunciation of the words. Good luck finding one!
Thank you to anonymous for the upgraded membership.
Ooops I did it again!

I’ve got another story in an anthology. It came out yesterday.
Happy New Year, WDC!

Come Home To Me
Is My contribution To The Home Front Anthology Releasing November 5th, 2020

✧・゚: ✧・゚: Homefront Anthology :・゚✧:・゚✧
A new anthology presented by R&R Publishing Company featuring authors Reb Kreyling, C.M. Lehsten, E.S. McMillan and K. Ries
Sign-up for the Cover Reveal and/or Release: https://forms.gle/7sc9Su32QoTQfhv78
Cover Reveal: October 9, 2020
Release Date: November 5, 2020
Pre-order Now » https://amzn.to/362NyZR
Add to your TBR » https://bit.ly/3hYcWm7
They wake to an empty side of the bed.
They wait for that five-minute phone call.
They break down and cry because they miss them.
They force a smile because their pride and love is stronger than anything else.
It would be easy to walk away, but they choose to get up and stand strong next to their heroes.
Families make sacrifices together.
All proceeds from this anthology will go to the EOD Warrior Foundation.

Homefront Anthology
"Homefront Anthology" presented by R&R Publishing Co. featuring authors Reb Kreyling, C.M. Lehsten, E.S. McMillan, K. Ries, and CM Seidel will release exclusively on Amazon on November 5, 2020. Please sign-up below to receive media kits for the cover reveal and release day. If you are a blogger, you...

Want an acknowledgement in my next anthology story? I need names for the following things:
Karaoke bar
Hometown of the band
First and Fourth album names
Song names
Hey, I feel like at some point someone talked about downloading all the entries they had at livejournal and making them a book.

Was that someone on here?
Was almost certainly me! *Bigsmile* Thanks for tagging me, NW!

There used to be a way you could download your whole blog, and there also used to be some companies that would automatically create a book out of your entries. Sadly, neither exist now, so you have to manually copy and paste, then format, the entries into the book design program of your choice. A number of companies will print from a PDF, so you could do the copy, paste and format in Word or Google Docs, then create a PDF and print from there. My publisher of choice is Blurb.com as I've had great results from them. They will print from a PDF but they also have software you download and work offline in, and really play with the layout of your book. I'm doing the latter with my blog. One book per year.

I took a video of my first completed book. I'll share it on the newsfeed, which I forgot to do at the time, and I'll tag you so you can see what I've done.
Thanks Elle - on hiatus I actually just want to download the entries so I have them since I wanted to delete my journal, but I guess I just won't for now. Thanks!
I'm fairly sure there's no easy way to do it, but they do say they offer an export function. The end result is 'not easily readable' though, so I'm not sure what the point is. Info is here: https://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/8.html
I want suggestions... I want to do a book of fairy tales. But I'm going to twist them. So I'm looking for fairy tales you'd like to see a new version of. I have so ideas already, but what would you like to see?

Let me explain. All I'm looking for is what fairy tales you think would be good fits. Not made up ones, not suggestions for what I do to twist them.

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Once upon a time, there was this chick named Rapunzel...
*Starstruck**Cake* Happy Happy Anniversary wishes!*Wand* 15 years!! Wow!. What a milestone. *Salute* *Confettir* Have fun and write on. *Heartv*
I did a thing today... I joined Camp NaNoWri. If anyone wants to follow me... Shanachie.
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