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Everything works out the way it should whether I try to resist or force it.
It's just easier to go with the flow.

Minnesota Nice.

Every time something bad happens I come through it with a deeper understanding of "life, the universe and everything."

I've spent all this time finding and collecting pieces.

I just have no Eyedea what kind of machine I'm building. Myself?
Am I the machine?

Typically, I would find a way to make processing grief into a more pleasant experience than it is.

It's been so therapeutic to write through it. And a documentary about an artist from the same city as the person I loved added a symmetry to the situation.

You might think I prefer storms. Or have to do things the hard way.
That's not it at all.

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."
The sun could not find a way to stay out.
They say autumn is the springtime of death. The days fell in different shades of grey like tombstones in a cemetery.

With no idea how long someone took for granted will be around.

Emotions become cold like stone. They also break and erode over time.
It hurts. It doesn't hurt.
It makes a heart colder, it makes a heartbreak.

The love that keeps life alive also makes it painful.
There really is "no colour paint gonna cover the stain".

Cemented is thoughts and beliefs that mean nothing at the end.
Hard, cold reality of life and nature.
Pain that stands the monument of time.
Jolan Runs two second marathon No it represents death. The ultimate darkness.

My soul is made from a blindingly perfect combination of light and dark.
That's why in the right light my aura is gold.
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy WDC Anniversary!! *Delight*
Who else is tired of hearing:

         "When this covid thing is all over....."

It's going to be over the same way slavery is. Welcome to the NWO eh? I'm glad I just volunteer in this dimension.

Honestly, people who think life will return to normal must also believe a piece of cloth can stop microscopic biological organisms from entering their bodies too?

Which I'm basing on using A MASK to do renovation construction and getting mold in my lungs on. Because "the metal strip is a lie".

I'd say it's "insane" but I know insane, and this is just comical farce. The comedian laughs longest.
Here comes the first Karen Tami.
If wearing a mask makes me a Karen, then you can call me Karen.
If wearing a KN95 mask makes me a Tami, then you can call me Tami.
If getting vaccinated once the vaccine is available makes me a Lynette, you can call me Lynette.

Basic nicknames aren't going to get me to stop protecting myself and my loved ones.
Nature cares not for the plans of man. It's brutally honest about life.
Although I do NOT enjoy dreaming about any "ex" and his new girlfriend.

I can enjoy the fact that I did NOT fight anyone.

Lack of violence is a big deal for me.

I actually demonstrated a significant amount of control in a recent revenge situation.

Does anyone else have a temper that goes 0 to prison real fast? And independently struggle with controlling it?
Yup sometimes I do, sometimes it takes everything I have to walk away from a situation
I'm impressed yours starts at 0. I run at like a 2 most of the time.

But to answer your question, under certain conditions, yes.
Only on very rare occasions. The ONLY thing that will set my temper off that fast is to witness an elderly person, mentally disabled person, child, or animal being abused or mistreated. Then, it's impossible for me to keep my mouth shut and mind my own business. It just isn't in me to overlook or ignore something like that and my temper takes over. Which, being Irish and German, and a Texas to boot, um, yeah...isn't a pretty thing.
Ignorance is to arrogance what confidence is to conceit.

I've been around a handful of amazing people, a woman who never got angry, a lot of people, a lot of stupid people, a few bad eggs and one straight-up psychopath. And I honestly wish it had just been one or the other.

Not all of it.

There's a lot I probably shouldn't know.

A lot I do.

And a bunch that I don't know.

I know none of it matters. Because it's just matter.
This is my entry for the 50 word or less contest a local brewery is putting on:

         My favourite Vancouver Island Staycation Destination is in my memories. Breathtaking places on this magical island melt my heart, mapped in my mind. Fun stops start when the puppy meets a salmon! Lunch with latitude to orcas. Meandering for mushrooms. And a benchmark of Bays is berry wine and bears.

It was challenging to keep it to 50 words (and in fact, I made it EXACTLY 50 on purpose!) but it was GREAT practice!!!

I usually don't care if I win, but it would be cool this time. Most of the prizes involve spending a couple of nights somewhere local and doing something local I've never tried! And food!

Happy scribing!

I can't fathom how presumptuous or egotistical one has to be to go around validating other people with their approval?!?!
Are some people so brainwashed they think EVERYONE needs permission to exist?

I feel like this is cultural thing in the part of the world where I live?
The western world In general is fairly ignorant.
And he hits the nail on the nose there. I think we might take the cake for that, actually. Jolan Runs two second marathon
Y'all this thread has just put a smile on my face! ESPECIALLY the official definition from Jayne

I'm glad it's also Canadians agreeing or at least a-seeing it too!

I've been to 33 US states since the early 80's and I was born in the second poorest country in South America. But grew up mostly in Ontario. I know live in British Columbia and experience the worst of the worst in terms of ignorance, arrogance, bigotry, racism (some display confederate flags ALL over this island; yards, trucks, clothes).

It's eye opening for sure.

And I'm specifically referring to a recent run in with a "Bro you don't even ride" type, bike shop employee in his late 30's (he thinks he's older than me, of course).

Let's call him Cross because he obviously has a God complex and I like Kris Kross.

So I'm walking down the street in that town and I hear someone SCREAM my name and turn around to see this bro-sef rolling up to me on a mountain bike.
For 5 minutes he's talking to me and I have no idea who the f*ck he is till he mentions a mutual friend!

He opens his phone and I notice that it's an album cover. Well he goes off! He can't believe I know WEEN (like anyone alive during the 90's) and proceeds to INFORM me that he's "one of the 1% top WEEN fans in the world" !?!?! He let me know I was cool for liking that band.


Short story long, he mentions something else I know and making some really nice smokable concentrate and I say "oh when can I try it". Just sorta joking.
His response:
"I'm not single!!!" I looked at him confused and he BLUBBERED on about how since we had so much in common he had to let me know he's not single.

At this point I looked over at him as he was still talking about how "we both like South Park" so obviously I must have fallen madly in love with him? LOL

I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him dead in the eye. He stopped talking and finally realized I was HIS height.
I said "Relax, you're not that charming. And you're NOT my type".

Next time I saw him I was taking pictures of some plants I got from the plant stand a 10 year old is running on my street for the first time. He says "my flowers are better". Then I tell him where they're from (without looking at him while I talk) and say 'if I meet the little girl I want to show her how her flowers are doing'. He tells me "that's really nice of you".

N*gga shut up! I know what the f*ck I do. It's called free will. Also, I was there. So that's my ugh. Thanks y'all!
Life is Simply Complicated

The Highway of Tears is a 725-kilometre (450 mi) corridor of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, which has been the location of many murders and disappearances beginning in 1970.

THE HIGHWAY OF TEARS ALSO INCLUDES 2,081 km (1,293 mi) OF HIGHWAY 97 and 543 km (337 mi) OF HIGHWAY 5.
And probably before...


Q: Before you got involved, what did you know about Highway of Tears and missing and murdered indigenous women?

"I had no knowledge of the Highway of Tears. I was shocked that I hadn't heard of the countless women and girls that have been reported missing over the years. From there, my conversation with community leaders and various families of the victims lead me to take a crew up north to seek out the root causes of these cases.

Midway through the editing process, over 400 [missing and murdered indigenous] women were estimated to be missing and or murdered across Canada. By the time we premiered the film, the number was over 600 in March of 2014, then the numbers increased to 900 and now over 1,200 missing and murdered indigenous women across Canada.
We cannot turn a blind eye to this."

Q&A with Matthew Smiley, director of Highway of Tears documentary

I was moved to Canada when I was 3 years old. Growing up in Canada and the United States in the 80's was a heyday for sure.
Canadian education seemed kinder and richer.
This country is cleaner. Friendlier.

US pop. 330,000,000+
Canadian pop. 37,000,000+

I often compare the two as one being the 'cool' tough older brother that everyone loves in highschool.
And the other the little sister that reaps the rewards of that.

Using a highschool analogy is fitting because I meet a lot of people within this country that have no idea what kind of monster the border separates them from.
And I love AMURICA eh!!!

Can't blame people for not caring about something they don't know exists.

I'm very grateful and fortunate that I live in this country.

But nobody's perfect.
There's a price.

The red on any flag in any country might as well be blood.
History is written in it.

Happy C-day!
My first insight to the plight of Canada's Indigenous was through Gord Downie's "Secret Path" album/book (he's a huge influence on me). He started the Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund  . And at the Tragically Hip's last concert, the one that shut down Canada for three uncut hours, Gord pleaded with Trudeau (who was in the audience, for reconciliation and a renewed relief. Is it still happening? I don't know. Everything's taken a back burner to C-19 it seems, appropriately. But the Indigenous should not be forgotten, and I'm just a weirdo American.

*CountryCA* Happy Canada Day!! *LeafR*