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Trying to find out if writing is something for me & my mind(ful(l)(ness)). Curious if people recognise in my writing, or find it interesting at least.
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Welcome to WdC! Writing is something very personal and it can mean and do a lot for the writer, regardless of what the readers think or feel. If it's something you enjoy or find helpful, do it. *Smile*

Just so you know, there are 2 types of Newsfeeds on WdC. I found you on the Community Newsfeed where everyone's notes appear. But most people here never get off their Personal Newsfeed where they only see notes from people they've clicked the Plus Sign of.
Schnujo *Left*
Thus, since probably no one has clicked your Plus yet and most folks are on their Personal Newsfeed, not many people will see your note here. *Frown* But don't worry. You can hope on the Community Newsfeed and start making friends. *Smile*

At the top of your Newsfeed, you will see View the Community Newsfeed. Click that. Then start scrolling and Liking and commenting. *Smile* I do see you have your Newsfeed set to E rating. If you are very young, good for you for being responsible! *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* Keep it E. *Wink* However, I recommend that if you are an adult, you consider selecting ASR (Adult Supervision Recommended) or 13+. TBH, even 18+ is usually not that bad, IMO. But I think 13+ will keep you safe. *Smile*

In the same bar where you can click to see the Community Newsfeed, on the right side, you can change to ASR or 13+ for this time. (To permanently change it, you have to go into your settings.) Click different options and see what feels right to you (again, if you are old enough *Wink*).

Anyway, get out there and start making friends. People expect random strangers to sometimes comment on their notes, so it's totally fine. It's how we make new friends on here. *Bigsmile* If you find someone you really like, double click their Plus. I say double click because that sets you as a Fan of theirs and they are notified. A single click only makes them a Favorite of yours and they don't know. Favorites are secret. But Fans are public and some people will even fan you back after they are notified you fanned them. *Smile* So, I always encourage folks to click until they see the megaphone to become fans.

Anyway, welcome to WdC and good luck with your writing journey!
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