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Happy Birthday, kzn !

Happy Anniversary.
Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Happy birthday
*BurstG* Happy Anniversary *BurstG*
Welcome! And So Sorry to say you are CAPTURED! I am "one step closer to White/Red Queen/King in the Wonderland Challenge". I pray you are healthy and well during the battle we all are waging. Now you are to stay in your castle until the siege is announced over.

That is all. Queen Norma has spoken. Carry on.

*BurstG* Happy Anniversary *BurstG*
*Cake3* Happy Birthday *Cake3*
*BurstR* Happy Anniversary *BurstR*
I’ve just had my first book published ‘The Evil Men Do - Twisted Revenge: Series One’ I’m so chuffed. You can find it on Anazon.com
Thank you, Angus. It sure feels great.
What can I say but thank you, Sorj for the Merit Badge? It's really great. Thanks
No problem! You deserve it! *Smile*
*Cake* Happy Birthday *Cake*

Thanks, Neva. I had a nice day with my family.
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