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I need 499,500 Gift Points to renew my Upgraded Account for a year. I currently have 201,875 GP's. If anyone can send me some Gift Points or an extension on my Upgraded Account, I would greatly appreciate it.
I sometimes have opportunities to earn GPs on my newsfeed, but I never see you participating. Definitely keep your eyes peeled, especially in January, there will be some worth more GPs than normal.
Do some reviewing buddy. You have a month and a half yet.

Actually, upon checking - you have a Year buddy. Do more reviewing.
You might want to check out the Auto Review items by clicking on Community on your left menu and then click on auto review items. ALL items listed there pay gift points for reviews, some of them pay very generously. Also, actively participating in contests and challenges will get you gift point awards as well as other nice rewards like merit badges and ribbons. There are SO many ways to earn gift points here. Also, check out the Weekly Goals page..each Monday you post your weekly goals and on Fridays, you post a follow-up as to how well you did or did not meet the goals you set forth on Monday. You don't even have to accomplish all your goals and the Story Mistress will pay you gift points just for posting your goals! You could also join a review group that would help keep you motivated about reviewing and you'd get gift point rewards for your reviews. Currently, there is a Newsfeed Trick or Treat game going on and if you would participate in that, you'd have a chance to easily win gift points and other goodies as well...just watch for my posts with Halloween themed emojis...some of those are worth 1,000 gift points each time you spot them!
I’m looking for writers who are into furries to add to this interactive story of mine.

I need 499,500 Gift Points in order to renew my Upgraded Account for a year. I currently have 182,275 Gift Points. I’d greatly appreciate it if someone would send me a large amount of Gift Points or gift me an extension on my Upgraded Account.
You can also choose the basic membership for 199,500 gift points. You're almost there with the points you have and it will let you host your 5 interactive stories plus 45 other items.
Just to be sure you're reading your expiration right ... I show your paid account expiring November 2021-- that's over a year away. *Smile*
With all do respect, you do this all the time! I mean, Host an Auction - I tend to do that. Oh, and Review - I've done more than a bit of that - folks will pay you for them! Also, you're at least 18, if not 20, years old - get a part-time job, and open a bank account with a credit/debit card! You can then use your card to buy stuff here!

Seriously, this is getting annoying. I mean, at least put in some effort to earn those Gift Points. Atherwise, you might end up getting your story posted on the Choosing Beggar subsection over there on Reddit...... Just saying.
My birthday is this weekend. Wishing for a lot of Gift Points.
My birthday is this month. Here's what I have on my wish list.

A 5-year extension on my Upgraded account
500,000 Gift Points
It’s my birthday this month. I’m hoping to get a lot of gifts from other writers. Most of what I’d like is Gift Points and extensions on my Upgraded Account.
I'm looking for interactive writers who are known for writing highly detailed chapters. If someone could direct me to them, I would greatly appreciate it. If you know anyone, leave me an e-mail.
I'm looking for interactive writers that have a reputation for putting a lot of detail into their chapters. If you know anyone, please point them in my direction.
Some time ago, I was gifted a load of Gift Points for sending Merit Badges to several other authors. If there is anyone out there who is willing to do that, send me an e-mail.
Don't forget you can send 1 free merit badge a month, so if you're willing to spread them out, that's another option.
To anyone who has read my interactive story “Furries from Space” here’s an idea for storyline you should make

You’re an escaped prison convict who is abducted by the alien furries.
You could start on it yourself.
To anyone who has read my novel "Lone Wolf", I'm thinking of making some chances to Chapter 1, particularly when the main character carries out a hit against a rival crime boss(method of assassination, location of the hit, etc). I would greatly appreciate it if someone would give me some ideas.
I currently have 45,785 Gift Points. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would donate me some GP’s, or direct me to an easy way to earn a lot of GP’s.