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I've added an entry to the Dear Me contest to my portfolio:
 Dear Me  (E)
Contest entry Dear Me
I was happily surprised to receive your Christmas greetings - from so far away too. I know I haven't been a good contributor but I do appreciate and enjoy my contacts with Writing.Com.

Wishing all contributors and behind the scenes workers all the very best for happiness and peace for Christmas and the coming year.
I haven't been online for nearly 3 months after having a new ankle put in through the kindness of someone who donated his/her body parts to help the living. I feel so grateful to that unknown generous person who made it possible for me to walk without pain.
Today received a parcel of books from Random House Australia which I won in a crime writing competition for a short story of 1000 words. Gives me incentive to keep writing.

I don't understand why some items I posted went into my portfolio almost immediately, one I had given up as lost turned up after some time and my latest effort seems to have disappeared. May be I am doing something wrong. Could you advise.
I have 2 poems on site - Idleness
and 3 Haiku - Forest Haiku
I'm slowly managing to navigate this site but I'm enjoying the experience. I've still go a lot to learn. Thank you.
Hi and welcome to W.Com.

Just thought I'd be first to write in your notebook! *Smile*

Checkout "Let's help each other grow- Closed


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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/milford