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Hello writing family,
thank you everyone who posted birthday love. I appreciate it! As a 29-year old mother, I don't exactly traditionally 'celebrate' anymore, so the birthday wishes are much appreciated! BUT what you didn't know is... today was also my
2-year clean day!
For those of you who know me on here, you know how hard I work towards keeping that and today, I have 2 birthdays! It's almost like a re-birth. Today was very special to me, so I'm glad I could share it with all of you guys since you have become my writing family!

Two years?! Woohoo!
A perfect time to reflect on the peace within,
to continue to hope, and to accept the many blessing of recovery!

Wishing you continued growth in your recovery as you celebrate your second year!

*Heartv* Congratulations! *Heartv*
Hugs, Lilli
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Admiration and blessings
For your strenth and will to overcome.
Happy Birthday also
blessings and prayers for your lovely family
*Heart* Birthday
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Plenty to celebrate there, Dominique. Congratulations and happy birthday. *Heart*
*Confettigr**Confettio**Confettip* Congratulations! *Confettibr* *Confettig**Confettir*

For your promotion to "Preferred Author"

Your case looks great in YELLOW!

Warmest regards,

Sisco. *Heart*

Congrats Yellow Case!
thank you!!! [delayed, I know haha] just saw this now!
 Rainbow  (E)
My rainbow after a storm.
#2192400 by Dominique

Sorry, friends! I've been ghost. I have been very caught up with an employment crisis. Life happens on occasion, I suppose. Just thought I'd stop in and post something new to let everyone know that I miss you all, and I'm very sorry about any commitments I flaked out on. I'll be back to my regular routine once employment is secured and I'm in the flow of my normal life and self. xoxo.
*ThumbsUpL* Good luck to you*Dollar*
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Totally understandable, Dominique. Do what you need to do. We're pullin' for ya, and we'll be waiting with open arms when you get back. *Hug1**Bigsmile**Hug2*
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thanks guys!
Hello, my favorite people.
I wanted to apologize for my lack of participation the last week or 2.
I just started a new job and I'm enrolled in literally 35 online classes. [I'm not taking them all at the same time haha]
I just need to get back into the swing of life with my new schedule and I'll be good to go!
Didn't want you to think I've just disappeared.

I don't know how I managed to miss this earlier but thank you!!!!! *HeartY*
I have a branddd new blog page that I'm just starting up. It's still in the very beginning stages but I'd love if people would check it out and even give suggestions! I've never done anything like this before. I have an idea of the ending result in my mind and I hope it'll get to that point sooner than later xoxo. Thanks for all the support!
Good for you! Saving this note for when I have time to check it out.
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Very nice! Good for you. You're doing a great job.

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Just want to say

here's to being yellow!
thank you! and even better - you used Leo. I love him. He's an underrated actor. Hre only recently won his first Oscar in 2016 after all the great movies he played in
You know what I say to word count restrictions at the moment?
Screw you! I had more to say!!!!

Damn word count ruined my contest entry which I stayed up until 6 am writing. (It was a 24 hour contest - not for this site). Oh well, another time.

Writing is a lonely job. Generally, we won't have a peer at hand to help us regain perspective.
         "Screw you!" to limiting word counts, okay. Arguably, it is good practice to write twice and cut half.
         You also mentioned a time limit. I cannot finalize anything in twenty-four hours. We're talking days, minimum.
         My grandad used to talk about "hooks to catch suckers". That's not something you can say to a stranger, and I still resent it a little bit. So I turned it around. When somebody sets an unrealistic expectation, I don't have to make it a goal of my own.
         And then I got skunked on some of my best efforts. Not third place, no honorable mentions. In four out of five contests, I was skunked. That cured me of contests, and working for free in general, altogether.
         Now, I work for myself. When I see a writer engaged with the same dilemma, I am moved. I hope it helps.
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I'm in the middle of writing this for a 24hr writing contest outside of WdC. It needs to be finished by morning time. Can someone PLEASE take the time to review it and help in anyway possible. I'm not finished BUT I'm also over the word count and not even to the main point of the entire story which will eventually be that she meets her biological dad for her first father-daughter dance. I don't know how I'm going to ever be able to get to that point while still following the prompt of the dog digging up something in the yard. HELP?! *HeartB* *HeartT*

Not finished but it's for a 24hr writing test so please review asap &help anyway possible

More than one writer has commented on stories that write themselves. You have a nice piece of work here. It just doesn't happen to suit the contest.
         So set this one aside for a better use and start over. Suppose your dog digs up something that argues that it is only one of several of a kind. From pages of a diary to bundled bills cut in half to the loose end of a wire, one thing leads to the next.
         And your dog now has the scent fresh in his nose. Perhaps, with your dog to lead you around by his nose, the objects you dig up need have no apparent connection until you lay them on the grass side by side. And perhaps
         Good luck, Dominique!
         For notes on formatting, spelling and punctuation: "Note: I have begun to write boile..."
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Congratulations on becoming yellow!

Many Blessings, Sharmelle
thanks!!! feels really good! It was an awesome surprise *HeartY*
*Delight**Balloony* Yay Power hero! It is so bright in here *Cool*! Congrats on your new yellow outfit, just in time for spring! *Star* Time to accessorize: *Tiara**Heel**Ringsgold* *Star**Umbrellay* *Balloony* Keep on shining as the *Starstruck* you are! Well done.
Thankkk you!! *HeartY*
YAY! I have been promoted to a yellow case!!!