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Punctuation a question that has a quote inside of it that ends with a period, but falls at the end of the sentence.

For example:
Were there ideas that popped up from the team where someone said, “We’ve got to do that. That’s an easy fix, and this would make it a lot better.”?

How would a sentence like this one or similar sentences be punctuated? Because the inner quote is not a question, it's a sentence, but when I add punctuation for both, 1. it looks funny, and 2. Grammarly has a fit. haha. Grammarly insists that a question mark belongs after 'We've got to do that" but that makes no sense to me.
While your answer(er) is correct - my advice when it just looks wrong even if correct --rephrase it! :)
Fyn ,

The question wasn't how to avoid a problem. It was how to solve a problem. We can all run away from grammar, or we can ask and get better. How about that for a concept.

I could have sworn my mom (who is a retired English teacher) told me that quotation marks close the sentence, even if in that type of situation. I may be remembering incorrectly, however, so don't quote me on that. I'm all for solving grammar problems if it doesn't take too much effort *Laugh*, but if I don't know what is correct (and Grammarly is not always correct *Sad*) I am all about rephrasing. There are usually loads of different ways to craft a sentence without sacrificing important elements of the piece.

Wishing you everything good on your birthday and in the year ahead!
I have a question for the writing community.
How do I punctuate hypothetical conversation? Basically 'imagined' quotes in conversation.
I'm a freelance transcriber and currently working on a podcast. This is an edited/completely changed version of the text due to it being work-related, but the sentence structure is the same.
What if Dominique was like, hey, we see what you've been doing and we're going to fire you.
These are two people in conversation talking about "Dominique," but Dominique never actually said any such thing. So, I'm assuming quotation marks would be inaccurate. Would italics be the correct thing to do? Kind of like thoughts? I don't know.
From "The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition," page 634 Chapter 13 subchapter 13.41

Unspoken discourse. Thought, imagined dialogue, and other interior discourse may be enclosed in quotation marks or not, according to the context or the writer's preference.
Annette Thanks!!!
PLEASE, I need help from everyone! I need to change my tagline for my WordPress site.

A blog for individuals interested in freelance life and building a successful online business.

It's too long. I've been trying to make a new one but can't seem to let go of either keyword (freelancing & online business).

Here's where the challenge comes in.

I messed up when first making my website and named it onelifebehappy.com -- it ended up being a blog about online business and place to link my Fiverr account to promote my freelance business on
I've made it work since then by going off the theme of saying basically since I'm giving tips on freelancing and online work and startups, that you have one life and you should be happy in your career choice. And I give a lot of productivity and marketing tips -- stuff like that. BUT I feel like now because of SEO I have to keep that theme in the tagline or I will dramatically drop in ratings and confuse the search engines. So, I don't really know HOW to make a good tagline with my stupid stupid stupid website name choice hahaha sorry -- I'm just so frustrated.

Keywords I feel are super important: freelancing, online business, (something positive)

- Freelancing with a can-do attitude!

I'd say this one has a good feel of catchiness and where to go with it.

Freelancing online with a positive, can-do attitude.

Attain freelancing with a positive approach to get it done.

Different options too.
Thank you so much for ideas! I'm going crazy because I did change it to Freelancing with a can-do attitude! but....... I don't know. I still am thinking because I just don't have that YES THAT'S IT feeling. At ALL. I feel very uncertain about it which I don't want that because I need it to be a permanent tagline, not something I change next month when I realize I hate it and something else pops into my head. haha. (writer issues 101)
oops... I meant to tag you.. I guess I can't edit a comment... wow. SB Musing
Day 2 of NaPoWriMo for me. I'm doing it my own way :)

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There you are!!! Nice to see you pop up on my Newsfeed!
I hope you are doing ok! Stay well and be safe! *Heartp*
Hi Lilli ☕ !!! I am, Thank you! I had to take a break for a few months from the site because I was a bit addicted haha and it wasn't helping me build my business or earn money. haha. It helped me in many other ways though! I love the site, so I am back. I just need to consciously practice balance when it comes to this site haha.
Hey, everyone! Long time no see, I know. I have a love/hate relationship going on with WDC. I stepped away from it because I was becoming someone addicted (okay, very addicted) and it was taking away from me doing what I needed to do in terms of business and earning a real income. I work from home and do online classes regularly, so I absolutely love the community of WDC and needed it to get me through a lot. I came here originally because I wanted to improve my writing and thought I wanted to write for a living. About 2 years later, I have veered from that idea for the most part. At least in the way I had in mind - writing fiction novels. Now, I've just been trying to focus on content writing for my blog and general copywriting for my business and site. Somehow along the way, I've lost my spark. I feel like I can never come up with ideas. My writing has been terrible.
I don't know what's going on with me. But I felt it was time to come back.
My paid membership has expired while I've been away, so if anyone has any tips on events or things going on in the community right now to earn me quick points, that would be helpful! Thanks!

Thank you for your thoughtful Invalid Review .
         Not just another blurb-and-rate to soak the Review Mixer for points. (As an aside to the membership -- I'm sold. She actually read the whole thing, she really did!)
         Welcome back to the site, Dominique.

I'm glad you came back, everyone needs some kind of joy to look forward to in a day, may this be just part of it for you.
I think I have to agree Thunder smasher !! I just have to learn balance. And maybe start practicing writing non-fiction on here more often so then when I have to write for my business or my website, it'll come more fluidly. Instead of being used to nonstop fiction and then trying to write blog posts, copy, and marketing campaigns and faced with a blank document.
Happy 1st WDC anniversary!!!
see above.

This is the beginning of a success story that will
continue for many more years. Happy 1st Anniversary.
Kindest Regards, Lilli
"Eliminate filter words and phrases

In action-writing, filter words and phrases are the first to cut. When we read 'She heard that someone was knocking urgently on the door' we lose urgency. It's a beginning author's mistake, to continuously signal to the reader who the viewpoint character is that is doing the hearing or seeing. In this case, we could simply write 'Someone was knocking urgently on the door', or, better still, 'A sudden, urgent hammering on the door'.

Find words that distance your reader from the scene ('she saw that', 'he felt that'). Cut them. Just show the thing itself ('It was wrong of her' rather than 'he felt that it was wrong of her', if 'he' is the current viewpoint character). "

-- Excerpt from Bridget at Now Novel

This is something I'm working on with my writing. I struggle with this. Any tips or suggestions?
Also, what's something you're working on to improve your writing.
I know. The "that" is my security blanket. Sure, I don't need it, but I really like it. It makes some sentences feel more comfortable to me. I've started watching my "that"s and tend to leave a few in for my own sanity, but I've been working on cutting most of them out.

I will say this. I have found that (<--HA!) cutting some of them out has forced me to restructure some sentences, and sometimes I like the new sentence better. I'm still learning how to cope with it, though.
Yes, filter words -- in any kind of narrative -- are telling, and are redundant filler, and should be cut -- whether urgency is a concern or not.

Tip: Make a list of such words, use browser find to locate them in your text, and rewrite to remove them. Then read through looking for others (and add those to your list). In other words, don't strain your brain finding them; save the brainpower for fixing them.

However --

we could simply write 'Someone was knocking urgently on the door', or, better still, 'A sudden, urgent hammering on the door'.

Neither of those are a good example of how to rewrite it. It's still wordy. The was -ing verb tense is usually unnecessary. Urgently is an -ly adverb. Sudden and urgent are telling and redundant. Hammering suggests the knocker is using a hammer.

'It was wrong of her' rather than 'he felt that it was wrong of her'

The it/there be-verb construction is usually filler. The pronoun is buried in a preposition. The information is just: she was wrong. The be verb (in the information version) flags the info as something to integrate into an action clause, rather than leaving it as the main non-event in a static clause.

Tip: Don't take the examples in blog content as examples of good writing. Although they try to fix the error they're talking about, the rewritten example usually breaks one or more other writing guidelines. Always ask yourself what else is wrong with it.

I might rewrite her problem examples like this:

Pounding on the door [startled|alarmed] her.

She shouldn't ___.
  (his direct thought about the negative consequences or side effects of a previously narrated action = why she's wrong)

Also --

It's a beginning author's mistake, to continuously signal to the reader who the viewpoint character is that is doing the hearing or seeing.

That sentence is convoluted, awkward, overloaded and incorrectly punctuated. The badly written explanation flags the writer as someone who is still a novice. ... "If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough." -- Albert Einstein.

Suggestion: Do yourself a favor: Find a better teacher, one whose explanations are clear and easy to understand. Check out the blogs of publishing industry professionals whose content focuses on how to write.
Oh, and the THAT problem? Sometimes it should stay in, and that's a fact, but in these cases, it sounds "off" because you're not taking out enough:

"He could see THAT She was struggling..."
"She knew THAT It would take more..."
I have found that (<--HA!) Cutting some of them out has forced me to restructure some sentences, and sometimes I like the new sentence better.

It's My Anniversary!!!

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Happy Anniversary, Dominique!!!
*Cake**Balloonp* Happy Happy Anniversary wishes! *Wand*
Are you coming to party with us and we with you at POWER? *Laugh**Cupcakev*
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I will indeed come party!
Just thought I would leave you a note here too. I placed a longer message in your guest book. "Happy August Anniversary here at WdC."
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Thank you very much! It has been a great year!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Invalid Item:
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July 2, 2019

Dominique stopped being stubborn and decided to use her brain and switch from Microsoft Edge to Chrome.

Note to self: feeling dumb, soooo much faster
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Don't feel dumb! It's not like Google is without its own flaws.

I switch between Chrome and Firefox and both annoy me on a regular basis *Rolling*
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