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I added a new entry to my blog, "The Definition of Insanity
"Anxiety Fest

Okay so I’m back. As I am tired I will hopefully sleep after this and then blog later. I would like to just give a bunch of hearts to everyone, before I do though. I had a slight... hours filled... anxiety fest. People are mean and that was not my best moment. Regardless, I’ll address it later by blogging. *Heart*

Sleepy person tip: don’t stay up all night.

Whoohoo! GLAD you are BACK!
Happy you're back! And guess what, most people suck but you gotta do what you gotta do.
Get some rest. I understand about long nights. During NaNoWriMo, I'm often up at least half the night, which means I often sleep until noon. That schedule is tough on anybody.
I’m going to be leaving WDC for a few hours. Might be back tomorrow, might not be back for longer. I don’t know. My anxiety deserves to die. But before I go, a quick reminder to people: don’t ever insinuate I’m a freak because of my disability. That’s not what makes me a freak. If you want to say it, then do it because I’m gay or I hate the dark or because I have unwanted thoughts. Fuck you if you say it because I struggle with things and I’m weak. I know I am. Fuck you. And now I’m going to go find a way to calm down. Bye, for now.
This makes me sad. You are definitely not a freak. Every single person is different from each other in some way. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. I think you’re a sweetheart, anyway. I agree that if someone is upsetting you, block their ass!

Take care, Miranda *Heartv*
Honey, you are NOT a freak, nor are you weak.

You're out here owning your vulnerabilities and telling off whoever the jackass is that said them.

That ain't weak.

You were even kind enough not to out them by name for the jerk they are. NEVER mistake kindness for weakness.

Block the person. You are much loved here at WdC. Don't let any one person take that away from you. Take their insecurity and hand it back. They own it, make them live with it all by themselves.

To said person who thought this shit was amusing: Hi, I have anxiety, bipolar disorder, and a physical disability. I'd love to chat. My inbox awaits.
I agree with everything in the above comments written so perfectly by our WDC friends! I adore you just the way you are! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* You are not a freak, sweetie. *Heart* You are awesome!
Well, Associate Press has called it. Biden is officially America’s president now!

First woman VP too. Woo hoo!

Jay O'Toole What do you mean? I understand that in that story, God did not pick that man. Is that what you are saying to this?
You just answered your own question. God did not pick that man.
How so?
I added a new entry to my blog, "The Definition of Insanity

I’ve added another entry to my blog, "The Definition of Insanity

A sandwich with cats up?

It’s not my fault space cats like sandwiches, Robert Waltz
I added a new entry to my blog, "The Definition of Insanity
"Friends, please

The Dude abides.
That he does, Robert Waltz

That’s terrifying *Laugh*

I’ve added a new entry to my blog, "The Definition of Insanity